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Section 13 Volkswagen brand, or will be granted in 2016 China debut

Tencent car 2014-07-12 10:32:53

[Summary] Volkswagen for a new low-cost brand in emerging markets will soon come out hard. At the end of a long struggle to achieve cost targets after, the brand may be approved in a few weeks Volkswagen Management Board, and the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen will be signed by the project this summer.

Dow Jones reported,PublicCheap brand new project is expected to be granted soon, after struggling because of the cost of long-term target problem that ".html"giving birth.".html" The brand will be 2016 or 2017 first released in the Chinese market, Volkswagen will become the first 13 brands.

Approved or weeks

German ".html"Manager".html" magazine ".html"Manager Magazin".html" 3 April 20 reported that Volkswagen's new low-cost emerging markets brand will soon come out hard. At the end of a long struggle to achieve cost targets after, the brand may be approved in a few weeks Volkswagen Management Board, and the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen will be signed by the project this summer.

To compensate for small cars short board, ranking the world's largest car companies, the public consider to create a new brand of small cars, will be priced at 5,000 euros to 10,000 euros (about 4-80000 yuan, say 6,000 or 8,000 euros to 7,000 euros) between, below the current cheapest Volkswagen Up! (9,850 euros) a small car, andRenaultDacia and itsNissanDatsun's competition.

In 2012, when he was head of Volkswagen R & D Ulrich Hackenberg's (Ulrich Hackenberg, after transfer toAudiR & D charge) first revealed to the media launch low-cost car intentions. 2013 Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn (Click to view the latest news figures), Who have confirmed its intention to build a new brand.

But the birth of the brand is not smooth, only the head of Volkswagen brand development Espinoza (Heinz-Jakob Neusser) on the two talked about the progress of a standstill. In November last year and this year's Geneva Motor Show, Espinosa have pointed out, the company is still in the evaluation of projects for low-priced brands, brands are struggling to achieve a new low cost goal: ".html"To achieve a low-cost car that should be approved for production achieve cost targets more difficult. approved project cost of non-compliance of the new car is no possible. ".html"

".html"Manager".html" that, after more than a year of effort, the public was finally able to ensure that the new cost of the brand standards. About the German media are given access to the progress of the new brand, Volkswagen has not been confirmed by a spokesperson, but said the company is committed to the development of low-priced brands, but has not yet made a decision.

First released in 2016 is now the fastest growing Chinese

Ulrich Hackenberg, such as Volkswagen executives had given in 2015 launched a new low-cost brand statement, and ".html"Manager".html" magazine latest reports that the new car will be released by the end of 2016 or early 2017. Some have suggested, to some extent, cost issues delayed the progress of the public.

Volkswagen executives have previously said that the new low-cost brand positioning in emerging markets to attract consumers, China will be the focus, and ".html"manager".html" said the new car will be directly put in China, China will become the largest car market. After the car if successful, will also visit India and other Asian countries. Another foreign media disclosed that the brand could eventually be sold in Europe.

In fact, the new low-priced brands will participate in build China respects. Informed sources in the two Chinese partners, FAW-Volkswagen tend to choose to participate in the project. ".html"Manager".html" magazine said that the car will be the first to achieve annual production of 500,000 vehicles in China.

FAW Group Vice President Qin Huanming had said in an interview at 60000-80000 yuan price of this market segment, there are about 3.5 million demand in China, and now onlySailAnd some other products, there is no real market leader. FAW-Volkswagen joint study therefore working with this market segment, the development of an autonomous brand products, about 4 small species, year of production from 450,000 to 600,000.

The new low-cost mass market brands will compete with GM's Baojun, Nissan's joint venture brands such as Kai Chen, and withToyotaAvanza Daihatsu brands (Editor's Note: There may be derived from the Avanza refers FAWSenyaBrand) competition will also take the low road of independent brands formation pressure.

Thirteenth brand

".html"Manager".html" magazine reported that the new low-cost brand will be the thirteenth Volkswagen Group brands, Volkswagen once again confirmed the new low-cost car independent brand position.

2012 Hackenberg remarks show that the new low-cost brand positioning initially there are variables that Volkswagen will make a choice between a new brand and sub-brand. By 2013, Volkswagen executives pointed remarks, the new car will not be followed before the Volkswagen brand name, but will adopt a new name and LOGO. Volkswagen Supervisory Board Chairman Ferdinand Piech also hinted that the brand will be the first 13 Volkswagen Group brands.

Volkswagen Group currently has a total of 12 brands: Volkswagen passenger cars,Skoda, SEAT, Volkswagen light commercial vehicles, such as the popular car brand, Audi,Porsche,BentleyOther luxury / ultra-luxury brand,LamborghiniAndBugattiSports car brand, Mann and Scania heavy commercial vehicle brands, as well as Ducati motorcycle brand.

In terms of vehicle platforms, Volkswagen will use existing models PQ platform to build new low-cost sub-brand, mainly been discontinued or close discontinued older models, rather than developing a platform specifically for the car.

Before the German media said the brand will have three models, a small four-door sedan (Limousine) priced at about 6,000 euros, straddling two manned cargo vehicles (Kombi) price of about 7,000 euros (about 56,800 yuan) , MPV / minivan (Van) price of about 8,000 euros (about 64,900 yuan). All three models are wheelbase 2,500 mm. Cars and two car car length 4,000 mm, five or seven car length micro plane reached 4,200 mm, body length between Polo and specificationsGolfBetween.

Three new partial circle shape contour, have adopted four layouts, use shock mount front axle. Dynamic, may use the old 1.2 liters or 1.6-liter engine (triplex or four-cylinder), including gasoline and diesel-powered models can be equipped with a six-speed manual transmission gearbox. Public opinion, the old engine can still meet the Euro 6 emission standards.