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Comments: Roadside parking fees go up to sun drying books

  • Author:JAMES
  • Source:Xinhua
  • Release on:2014-09-01
"Recently, the micro-channel circle of friends , microblogging and other heat transfer
media field in different cities lane road side parking fees go up posts. Careful friends
can be found, in addition to questioning the different urban management department , the
content of these posts are in fact similar . That moment , many domestic cities street
parking fee is nobody knows for sure where to go , did not explain clearly to the public ,
the same can ask Harbin posts today , tomorrow may ask Beijing . It seems , on-street
parking is a big city public administration fees whereabouts common problem, really need
to bask in the books, do not ""Long Hair "" was.

Where the reason for roadside parking fees caused so much public attention , with nearly
two cities lane and parking fee prices skyrocketed have a great relationship. From the
past a few dollars per hour parking prices , and now some of the core area of ??the city
roads parking fees rose to $ 20 per hour , full stop 24 hours to 244 yuan , city parking
lane and gradually became a ""money machine . "" And low management costs, lack of
transparency in the bidding process , shocking leaking , he could not profit flows ,
exacerbating the public on parking fees go up question.

Books on-street parking fees must be drying clear need for this property is both public
pay parking fee disclosure , but also the depth rule blocking the use of market-based
instruments need is to prevent the abuse of power breed corruption needs. The books are
not drying clear , not only easy to mold ""Long Hair "" , but also a means for the
government blocked the increase in market reform resistance.

In this regard, Shanghai Finance Bureau license plate auction fees publicity purposes
throughout the practice worth learning from. According to 2013 Shanghai license plate
auction revenue books, then the amount of new motor Shanghai auction revenue 8.79 billion
yuan , the use of 7.4 billion yuan , purchase subsidies for public transportation , the
elderly free ride subsidies, rail renovation , etc., balances year later use funds carried
forward .Reporter believes Similarly, the relevant departments in major cities should also
be regularly publicized in the end the number of on-street parking , how much to charge
each year , the cost of parking management company how much , how much money paid , the
money paid for a breakdown of where and so on . These data clearly the parking fees in the
sun , in order to completely dispel public lane and parking fees for clandestine
operations questioned.

Lane and parking fees go up the question , but also exposed the current city management in
scientific, lean there is still much room for improvement from one side . Currently, more
and more cities have entered the automotive community , in the city in the process of
rapid expansion , the number of parking spaces and parking lane fee prices gallop all the
way forward, but the relevant departments use market means an open, transparent , and
efficient to manage the ability to seriously lagging behind.

Lane and parking fees are going up ? This is a lot of major cities have a positive answer
questions. Answer that question , not necessarily how high the investigative capacity ,
but need to touch the interests of a firm enough courage and determination to deepen the
reform of urban management .

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