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Imported cars Survey: Land Rover popular Japanese car prices unchanged

  • Author:JAMES
  • Source:China News Network
  • Release on:2014-09-02
"Imported cars Survey: Land Rover popular Japanese car prices unchanged

Although the National Development and Reform Commission launched an antitrust
investigation of imports to the domestic car industry has been in some time , has also
been a number of vehicle or parts enterprises suffer punishment, but the real ""real "" full
price of the imported car prices are few.

In the 17th Chengdu International Auto Show being held a few days ago , WASHINGTON Auto
Channel visited a number of high-end imported car prices booth and found that as of now,
in addition to Jaguar Land Rover, Chrysler and some other car companies cut some
relatively ""unpopular "" the selling price models , including the three major Japanese
luxury cars , including a majority of its imported car prices were not mainstream price
adjustment in the sale of cars.

Chrysler / Jeep: Apart from some high-end models to price without adjustment

August 6 , the NDRC for Chrysler existence of monopolistic behavior were notified. Just a
day before the briefing , Chrysler has just announced the department products and
accessories in China market prices adjust. Chrysler announced price reduction scheme, only
two models of Jeep vehicle price highest price adjustments have been made , and 3.0,3.6
displacement of the Grand Cherokee , Wrangler , freedom of light , Compass and freedoms ,
such as selling off or main models neither make adjustments. In addition, by comparing
WASHINGTON Auto Channel reporter Chrysler price discovery in the United States , Chrysler
's Jeep all models in the domestic price of an average of 2 to 3 times higher than the
United States, after two price adjustment model is no exception .

In this Chengdu Motor Show Chrysler booth, a staff member told reporters that the current
Chrysler Jeep in addition to its previously announced price of the high-priced models ,
but has not received notice of the price of other models , maintenance and parts prices
are not declining.

Jaguar Land Rover : only the "" popular "" model price

July 25 , Jaguar Land Rover China announced its three models manufacturers guide price
adjustments in response to antitrust investigation NDRC Price Supervision and Anti-
Monopoly Bureau conducted for the automotive industry . But it lowered the price of three
models - Extended Edition Range Rover 5.0 V8, Land Rover Range Rover Sport 5.0 V8, and a
convertible version of the Jaguar F-TYPE is alleged to have sold a minimum of several of
its ""popular "" models. The idea that the price of Jaguar Land Rover just to cope with the
NDRC 's antitrust investigation , but not for the sincerity prices .

Seventeenth International Auto Show in Chengdu site , WASHINGTON Auto Channel reporter
with Jaguar Land Rover China, a person in charge of public relations after the exchange
showed that the current Jaguar Land Rover in addition to the several high-priced models ,
but have not yet adjusted the price of other models , maintenance and parts prices nor
involved .

Lexus : no price cuts are not made

In the automotive and Reform Commission antitrust investigation launched recently in
Toyota's premium brand Lexus has become after Audi, BMW , Jaguar Land Rover brands
announced price cuts of the first Japanese luxury car brand . Recently , Lexus announced
the price cut involving a total of about 15,000 parts , with an average decrease of 26% ,
in order to cope with the NDRC 's antitrust investigation .

On this Chengdu Motor Show , Lexus booth , an official said , in addition to previously
announced Lexus parts prices declined , the vehicle price is not adjusted. Meanwhile, the
official stressed , Lexus , as one of the first to enter China 's Japanese luxury car
brand , has maintained a good quality reputation. And unlike Acura and Infiniti has plans
to produce in China , Lexus has not made ??the plan , there would be no big price cut.

Infiniti : recent or planned price cuts

As the Japanese luxury car brand in the first announcement made ??car prices , Infiniti has
announced since 2012 to start localization project and determine Nissan Xiangyang plant
commissioned in 2013 , its first domestic models Q50L in Chengdu Motor Show debut , and at
the end of the formal market. In addition , Infiniti did not stand if it will reduce the
cost of the vehicle or component .

In Chengdu Motor Show Infiniti booth, a staff member told reporters on auto channel
WASHINGTON , Infiniti current prices relatively stable, it has not received notice of
price adjustment . The staff also revealed that in the next one or two months of the
Infiniti should be a certain price adjustments, but the price adjustment category and
scope is unclear.

Acura : There is no official dealer discount price

And the other two Japanese luxury car prices compared to the market in recent years, Acura
performance is not satisfactory. From 2012 began the influx of Chinese dealer network back
to the year before seven months in the United States continued to decline in sales, have
shown that this difficult situation based on Honda 's Japanese luxury car brand .

Chengdu Motor Show this year, Acura booth, a person in charge of Acura sales in China
BEIJING, auto channel , said there is no reduction Acura vehicle and parts price plans. He
said the recent several Acura models into China , such as the new MDX, RDX and other price
range is much lower than the old models . Meanwhile , the majority of cars in the dealer
have ranged concessions. In addition , Acura accessories ""zero integer ratio "" and other
luxury car brands, including the other two Japanese luxury brand compared to relatively
low, so even if the price is not adjusted , but also constitute a monopoly level.

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