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Day trips several cities reminder hot rental market demand

JAMES China News Network 2014-09-30 19:39:00
"Work more than five years in Beijing Chen Lei had booked a car from a car rental company good economical cars, intend National Day holiday, bring to Beijing to accompany their parents everywhere around. By raising your car, buying a car is difficult, and many other factors limit, in recent years, more and more, ".html"there is no car as".html" the Chinese people began to like Chen Lei as ".html"Car feast.".html" More car rental market is also showing strong sales demand picture.

It is understood that many car rental companies, including China Auto Rental, etc., have recently experienced a wave of peak business. Reporters at a rental of a store Hi see the 29th, the original choice of 20 kinds of models, there are more than just four kinds of cars. The remaining 16 kinds of models, some of them have no ".html"stock".html", and some are suggesting the need to go to more distant stores pick up the car.

The company's customer service told reporters, with eleven approaching, car rental so many people, many models two days ago had already been booked out. The customer said that although no statistics client uses, but the consulting situation, driving the majority. And more space and commercial vehicle sedan is also more popular with users. She cautioned that the amount set cars these days are large, in order to set the favorite models, under the orders as soon as possible.

China Auto Rental responsible person in an interview with news agency reporters said that as of now, the company's national average booking rate close to 80%, is expected to October 1st day of the actual occupancy rate will exceed 90%. Although the occupancy rate unchanged from previous years, but due to rent a vehicle to increase the company's rental business actually increased. The most popular Buick GL8, Accord, Sportage and other models in Beijing many stores have rented full.

Although the price increases, but Chen Lei believes that the short-distance car travel is still lower than the cost of a taxi, and car time more flexible and convenient, combined with high-speed free festival, car rental is relatively economical.
In order to alleviate traffic congestion, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other cities to implement the purchase of the car. But then, a car difficult, difficult car becomes a problem many people face. A lot of ".html"it takes a driver's license but can not display".html" who are turning to car rental market.

As the leasing industry's first listed company, China Auto Rental recently successfully listed in Hong Kong also confirmed the rapid development of China's car rental market. September 19, China Auto Rental listed in Hong Kong, to close at HK $ 10.96, or 28.94%. The official said China Auto Rental, car rental industry in China is only the initial stage, but with the rise of people traveling by car markets, and to develop the habit of car, car travel more and more popular.

According to the survey data Carolina Berger, the current Chinese domestic short rental car market compound annual growth rate of 27 percent, is now the world's fastest growing car rental market.
In addition to personal, family outings, the industry pointed out that under the current system factors such as bus reform, the future of car rental business, official car may provide a more stable, a huge potential market for car rental.

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