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13 survivors who will soon drop even further vibration own brand banner

  • Author:JAMES
  • Source:Sohu car
  • Release on:2014-09-30
"Why do not I choose to own-brand car? First of all, I admit that vanity; secondly, independent brand car shape, interior design look good, I was a fellow member of the Association appearance, appearance is the first element of my choice of vehicles; Third, I have the impression, independent brands the car gives a more general feeling of quality workmanship.

Brand less attractive
Finally a small amount of money you can save enough to buy a car, of course I want to choose a big brand, both at ease there face. Especially in Beijing this limited license city, painstakingly shake to a license plate, how willing the indicators give their own brands.

Overall design is difficult at first sight
Not to mention the brand of factors aside, shape poorly designed that I do not choose to own-brand cars, another important reason. The car looks good brand is fun to watch, such as Infiniti, such as Mercedes-Benz, a lot of good design is sufficient to cause a sight. Cadillac's all models are equipped with aristocratic gene Cadillac brand, regardless of the car, SUV, no matter from which perspective you look you will recognize this is a Cadillac car.

In contrast, the independent brand vehicles, in addition to the big cottage has its own Yanyaqunfang Who can say?

Poor driving experience
In fact, for inner city scooter, the power factor is not my first choice of vehicles considered, as long as the performance is not too bad, all within my acceptable range. Contact with its own brand of vehicles is not a lot, do not say underpowered common problem whether autonomous vehicles. But I have opened several car to talk about feelings.

A well-known independent brand A00-class vehicles, rounded shape pretty cute, grappling with a generation car for many years, last year was ushered generation models. Odd extremely high clutch pedal, driving up really test my skills. I do not know whether improvements after updating.

Not long ago, another independent brand car, the flagship car of intelligent systems just listed. Engine with turbo technology, light throttle vehicle no response, not as strong and I naturally aspirated. This is about the best I have opened the ""meat"" of a car.

Besides ride comfort. Some brands of seats wrapped excellent, that there is a strong sense of belonging when got into the car, the only thing I have this feeling is based SUV known for certain imported brands. Unfortunately, I have been in a few of several independent brand car, a car which did not give me such a sense of belonging.

As for fuel consumption, because there is no depth test drive its own brand vehicles, so fuel consumption is difficult to evaluate the performance of who is better. In individual cases, the fuel consumption as long as not too far, I am willing to pay for the likes of the car.
All these, it is not for its own brand vehicles more disgust, but the current performance, the right of independent brands want to love, but love is not up. If you really can come up with an independent product workmanship, fair prices, and who do not want to support their own brand?

Welcome to the Lsq Star Electronics Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City, buy car DVD."