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Tomorrow double eleven big promotion ! Do not miss it!

JAMES 2014-11-10 20:06:34
".html""Double- October".html" refers November 11 each year , due to the shape of numbers is also known
as Singles . From 2009 onwards, each day , with the Lynx , Jingdong as the representative
of a large e-commerce sites usually use this day for business promotion. Singles
importance because of links to the shopping festival and more popular attention .

Alibaba Group Holdings Limited in November 1, 2011 to the State Trademark Bureau proposed
a ".html"two-eleven".html" for trademark registration, December 28, 2012 to acquire the exclusive
rights of the trademark, the end of October 2014, Ali issued a circular letter, Ali said
the group has made ".html"two-eleven".html" trademark (registration number: 10136470,10136420),
authorized by the Alibaba Group, Lynx on the ".html"two-eleven".html" trademark exclusive right,
protected by law, to any other person ' s use behavior is trademark infringement.

Welcome to our website tomorrow Shenzhen Lsq Star Electronics Co. , that time has a lot
of discounts . Stay tuned .