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Ali, another " myth" : 10 hours 51 minutes 30 billion

  • Author:JAMES
  • Source:Daily Planet
  • Release on:2014-11-11
"At this moment, Alibaba double eleven shopping carnival in progress, and the data is also
being refreshed over and over again . As of 10:51 , Taobao Lynx total turnover exceeded 30
billion yuan , you know, with a total turnover last year, double eleven Ali platform for
35 billion yuan .

Let's briefly recap :
00 hours 00 minutes 05 seconds , the emergence of the first two-eleven trading platform
for real-time data from Ali data generated on the big screen Ali --6508929 yuan Taobao
City headquarters , Building 5, carnival venue .

0:03 , Taobao Lynx total turnover exceeded one billion yuan , accounting for 58 percent
turnover in the wireless terminal ; last year , this time of 6 minutes 7 seconds . Millet
ranked first in the mobile phone category .
0:08 , reached 30 billion yuan; 0:14 , more than 5 billion yuan .
0:38 , with a total turnover exceeded 10 billion yuan ! Wireless turnover accounted for
45.5% , year on year , the figure was 20% . 1:00 sharp, the total turnover reached 12.2
billion yuan .

7:17 , Taobao Lynx Trading platforms exceeded 20 billion , the number of parcels over
eighty million . As of 7:00 , there are sellers from around the world 194 countries and
regions to participate in this shopping carnival them .
As of 10:51 , Taobao Lynx total turnover exceeded 30 billion yuan , while last year the
figure was reached in 21:19 the same day this year, up 10 hours in advance .

Compare last year's "" double- October"" , 38 minutes to complete the five billion , 10
billion yuan of transactions took nearly six hours , which means that this year, 20
minutes to complete the last one hour of trading volume ; 38 minutes to complete the last
year of nearly 6 hours of trading volume . The 10:51 exceeded 300 billion yuan last year,
which is already very close to Ali platform day trading volume .

Singles, which is an artificially created special holiday , after five years of temper,
which from Singles to cart Promotions section reborn again become their electricity
supplier , "" year"", just as in the West , the Chinese Spring Festival Christmas people .

And it is undeniable that this manufacturer has been recognized by the whole nation and
even sought after.
Preparations for the twelfth month in advance of various equipment like a stocking each
household . Electricity supplier since a novelty , online carnival begins in advance! When
the inevitable face -style competition , the smell of gunpowder ready.

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