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Volkswagen Touareg V8 listed Imported Beijing conference held!

  • Author:JAMES
  • Source:Sohu car
  • Release on:2014-11-18
"Volkswagen imported cars go hand in Beijing in advance Zhongwang Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. jointly organized the "" Touareg V8 listed conference,"" Beijing stood three years

Tun Volkswagen imported cars enjoy Hui was held. Volkswagen Touareg V8 luxury SUV imported cars to luxury configuration comprehensive upgrade, surging more

Power , 4MOTION? permanent all -wheel-drive system is powerful off-road performance , a comprehensive initiative luxury SUV market.
More surging power farther wide road

Touareg family flagship model , the Touareg V8 model in the succession of the original avant-garde design , luxury fitting , high-tech and multi-functional , based on its

V -8-cylinder gasoline direct injection engine with a strong combination of eight speed Tiptronic gearbox to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of the power system. Biggest loser

Up to 265 kilowatts of power , maximum torque 445 Nm , zero to one hundred kilometers in just 6.5 seconds . Surging power , instantly broke !
At the same time enjoy the driving pleasure , Touareg V8 in the comfort and safety features to achieve a comprehensive upgrade, so the road the driver more comfortable , wide

Wide. Touareg 4MOTION? permanent four-wheel drive system with electronic damping control with four azimuth adjusting the air suspension , allowed to walk on the complex road

Easily exceed obstacles . A new generation of ACC Active Cruise systems , automatic parking and automatically follow when cruising. Meanwhile, the Touareg V8 car

Body design not only can easily reach the wading depth of 580mm , but also reduce the tilt angle 25mm, significantly reduce the rapid turn of the body, so

Driving pleasure, comfort and safety to achieve the perfect balance.

Adhering to the classic design style Touareg family models Touareg V8, in the details at the same highlights the unique personality , more luxurious temperament. 20 English

Inch ""Tarragona"" alloy wheels overbearing , welcome pedal at a unique engraved ""Exclusive"" exclusive logo more respected , double

Color ""Nappa"" leather-wrapped front active ventilated seats high comfort , while the center console and door guard is using the ""Olive Ash"" wood interior,

Noble and elegant . Climatronic automatic four- zone air-conditioning system for each passenger to create exclusive "" climate ."" ""RNS850"" navigation system to create extraordinary

Audiovisual interactive experience , ""Dynaudio Confidence"" car audio system even more like being in the masterful music hall.
More luxurious options to meet the diverse needs

Touareg V8 listed on the event, Volkswagen imported cars also brought a hand-tailored flagship luxury sedan Phaeton , for on-site guests brought a

Field full range of luxury cars Shangjian will . Volkswagen 's luxury cars imported cars increasingly rich . Touareg and Phaeton V8 will , Maite Wei multifunction

Commercial vehicles together , to meet the full range of high-end business crowd car needs .
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