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Beachhead compact SUV segment luxury car competition open a second front

  • Author:JAMES
  • Source:Sohu car
  • Release on:2014-11-17
Luxury compact SUV will be added in a new will . Recently, according to foreign media
reports , Volvo intends to launch a compact crossover SUV, may be named

XC40. Volvo means that in the luxury brand is stepping up the layout of this market
segment , before the BMW X1, Audi Q3 first to enter the market , after Ben

Chi GLA, Infiniti QX50 followed. Compact SUV segments are becoming the new battleground
congregation luxury brands compete in the future , the market segments

The fierce competition in the market is self-evident .

Rising popularity of luxury compact SUV
There is no doubt that China 's luxury car market is experiencing rapid expansion of their
formative years . Ashkenazi three strong although the surface of scenery , but also got
hit ,

Feel the pressure. In Volvo, Lexus , Jaguar Land Rover as the representative of the second
tier are firepower to accelerate the localization process in order to gain market

Share, ultra-luxury brands such as Rolls Royce , Bentley, McLaren , Porsche , etc. have to
expand sales channels to share.

The heyday of the luxury car market , the compact SUV is the brand most areas of concern.
Data show that in 2013 accounted for the entire compact SUV

A 62.7% share of the SUV market , and in the first half of the SUV sales charts , the top
five models also are compact car . With such a

High popularity , naturally no one is willing to give up the cake .

Thus , all the luxury brands will be focusing its attention in this area subdivision ,
hoping rushed layout, the first to occupy the market Heights. Compact SUV positive

Become the new battleground luxury car prices competitive .
Luxury brands get together and push the compact SUV

Around the luxury compact SUV segment , the BMW X1, Audi Q3 operator to enter the market
earlier models, October 27 , Mercedes-Benz GLA listing, Germany

Luxury brand Troika ABB officially gathered . Even the belated Lincoln into China will
also soon as he pioneered the compact SUV - MKC. Forest

Ken Global CEO Ge Haohua as "" a stepping stone to open the Chinese market .""

The second camp luxury brand to be outdone, have launched a compact SUV models beachhead
market. October 21 , Jaguar Land Rover 's first domestic SUV--

Land Rover Range Rover Aurora off the assembly line in Changshu , coincidentally, Infiniti
's first domestic SUV - QX50 upcoming December offline . These are all new car

Positioning in the increasingly popular compact SUV market segment .

There has been closely followed by the arm of Volvo Geely income . November 13 , ""Indian
Automotive Network "" report, the Volvo Group's products

Senior vice president of strategy and product line management Lex -科斯迈科斯revealed will
in 2018 launch compact crossover SUV, or named XC40

On the standard Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLA.

Understanding is that these luxury brands invariably come close to the people starting
price to attract consumers. Mercedes-Benz GLA starting price of 289,800 BMW

X1 is 259,000 , the lowest with Audi Q3 dealers offer 189,800 .
If we say that now there are very few luxury SUV, car manufacturers do not produce , then
get involved in the segments where the brand is almost certainly brew

Stuffed compact SUV. It is foreseeable that , in this market , there will be more and more
influx of new models , and how winning is all the car companies need to charge

Heart thinking thing.

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