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2018 Changsha Motor Show Grand Opening on April 30th

2018-04-25 19:06:04
"The 28th Changsha Auto Show 2018 will be opened in Changsha Hongxing International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 30th to May 1st. The best time to purchase a car in the first half of the year will be the best one-stop shopping service. V Auto Show, more than 50 participating brands, more than 300 exhibition vehicles, auto show 3 days of music, enjoy the car to enjoy non-stop, as soon as possible to receive a limited number of free tickets!
     From April 30th to May 1st, 2018, the Changsha Motor Show will be opened at the Changsha Hongxing International Convention and Exhibition Center. This auto show covers luxury cars, joint venture vehicles, imported cars, domestic cars and other brands, SUVs, family cars, and practical vehicles. Such models, brand complete, models have everything, unprecedented auto show policy incentives, to mention the car is convenient, after-sale formal, you can not miss the best time to buy a car.

       In order to let you know more about this auto show, the following details are for you:

       First, the auto show time and auto show location that you are most concerned about
       Auto Show Name: 2018 28th Changsha Hongxing International Exhibition Center Automobile Expo

       Auto show time: April 30th - May 1st, 2018 (Mon-Tuesday, May Day holiday)

       Auto show location: Changsha Hongxing International Exhibition Center

       Second, you are concerned about the participating brands and models
   According to organizers of the auto show, the brands exhibited in this auto show include luxury brands, joint venture brands and independent brands. All of the above brands will be displayed on time from April 30 to May 1 at Changsha Hongxing International Convention and Exhibition Center. Not on time, please go to the scene to consult staff; the above brands are all carrying hot models, best-selling models and newly-listed models.

       Third, the auto show tickets note

       This auto show needs ticketing admission. Visitors need to purchase tickets before they can go through the security check. The official price is RMB 20/card, 1 ticket and 1 person. This reminds netizens: Please don't buy cattle tickets to avoid being deceived. Please also inform the relatives and friends of the exhibitors that you need to be cautious when buying tickets. It is best to buy tickets at the official window.

       The organizing committee of this auto show takes into consideration the fact that netizens bring their friends and family together to participate in the purchase of a car, and specifically customizes 3,688 sets of family packages. It is also a free gift to the netizens and the ordering of family packages. According to the order of application, first-come-first-served basis. Ends the deadline.

       Here are the official channels for you to find out more about free ticketing:

       1, call the official customer service phone: 400-1010-222 free ticket

       2. Pay attention to the official micro signal ""Hundred City V Auto Show"" and click on the ticket
 All netizens who signed up for the auto show at the 100-city v show will receive a car worth RMB 1,000. This gift will be presented to you at the time of purchase. The merchant will reduce the purchase cost of the car by RMB 1,000. Save 1,000 yuan for your purchase.

       Fifth, the purchase of a lucky draw car purchase luxury luxury gift

       All users who order cars at the auto show site, bring your orders or receipts, and go to the auto show service desk lottery draw, first prize: TV

       Second Prize: Garment Steamer

       Third Prize: Xia Bei, Xiao Sun, Electric Kettle, Lounge Chair, Pillow, Electric Pressure Cooker

       Fourth Prize: Soymilk

       Fifth Prize: Car Audio

       Sixth Prize: Yogurt Maker, Kettle

       Seventh Prize: Blue and White Porcelain Series

       Winning prizes can be selected. All prizes will be provided by Baicheng v Auto Show. In the early stage, 1,000 yuan will be sent to the car users for purchase. This will save you a province