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Alpine xiaopai audio unveiled at Beijing International Automobile Exhibition

"From April 27th to May 4th, the 2018th (15th) Beijing International Automobile Exhibition was held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center. The automotive industry event brought together a number of well-known automakers. Alp is a company specializing in car audio and automotive communication systems. It maintains long-term good cooperation with a large number of well-known car manufacturers at home and abroad. It is once again stunning with the new generation of car audio products. .
At present, the automotive electronics industry is undergoing tremendous structural changes in the context of automotive electronics and the continuous evolution of the automotive society. In this business environment, Alpine has positioned its vision for 2020 as “Dedicated to become a mobile multimedia innovation company, making your car life more colorful”. This time, the introduction of the Alpine PWD-X5 XiaoPai audio is also in line with the trend of automotive enthusiasts enjoying high-quality automotive life.

In order to allow visitors to experience the characteristics of the simple and non-destructive installation of the Alpine xiaopai sound more intuitively, and to enhance the sense of sound after the original car audio modification, the exhibition stand has a car audio audition car and xiaopai audio audition house:

XiaoPai sound volume design is small, can be suitable for most models, in this blue Honda Civic Alpine audio audition car, xiaopai audio is placed under the seat, to avoid consuming too much space inside the user, and xiaopai audio can be used with each Special harnesses for special vehicles do not damage the original car lines and ensure driving safety.

Xiaopai audio audition house offers four kinds of sound experience mode: A. original car host + original car horn B. original car host + original car horn C. original car host + SPC-170C D. original car host + SPC-170C + xiaopai sound. The Alpine staff switched back and forth between the most obvious A and D modes. Participants at the scene clearly felt the mellowness of the processed sound, the fullness of the midrange, and the treble of the treble. The musical effect was more three-dimensional. In the demonstration, visitors can clearly distinguish and experience the gap between the original car audio effects and XiaoPai sound, and really feel the charm of XiaoPai audio.

Good sound quality stems from the improvement of the core components. XiaoPai adopts Japanese ELNA and WIMA enthusiast audio capacitors. After processing, the music details are more substantial and the sound field is more realistic. An 8-inch subwoofer with peak power of 240W is built in to fully compensate for the original car. The missing low-frequency part enhances the sense of music surround, making the sound more three-dimensional and more shocking, immersing in the music atmosphere brought by XiaoPai, like being at the scene of music.
As a brand of car audio, Alpine has been committed to providing audio quality upgrade solutions for many years, allowing users to always have a pure sense of hearing. This time, the introduction of the Alpine PWD-X5 XiaoPai sound is to create a comfortable and happy mobile living space for car enthusiasts, making the car life full of fun and texture. I believe that a new era of car audio and video will soon begin!