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Guarantee that new cars will be listed every year. Dongfeng Citroen will return to full blood

"Despite having two brands, Dongfeng Citroen and Dongfeng Peugeot, and it is one of the earliest joint ventures in China, since 2016, Shenlong Motors has still encountered a break. Thus, since the second half of last year, Shenlong Motors has begun to make all-round adjustments. Against this background, this year's Beijing auto show, Shenlong, especially its Dongfeng Citroen brand, began to exert force to try to return to the mainstream and return to the track.
At this year's Beijing International Auto Show, the successful C4 AIRCROSS in the European market has made its debut in China and announced its Chinese name: Yunyi. Located in the youth-oriented SUV, Yunyi incorporates the Zebra Zhizhi system based on AliOS. This is the first time that the system has been carried on a joint-venture brand vehicle, and it has mainly promoted the Internet-based function. Targeting products include T-Cross, Xrv, Binzhi, and C-HR. According to Ren Guang, acting general manager of Dongfeng Citroen, the core competitiveness of SUV includes two points. One is that “there is an affinity based on the recognition degree, which fully embodies the unique design of French”; the second is the zebra carrying The Zhixing system makes the car more intelligent.
In addition, Dongfeng Citroen's new brand advocate - Inspiredby you officially landed in the Chinese market, the Chinese interpretation ""because you are different."" Ren Guang has a deep understanding of the two meanings of the new brand idea. The first is to pass on Citroen's ""people-oriented"" brand tone, gene and positioning. The second is innovation, youthfulness and personalization.
In 2018, Shenlong Company established the main business objectives such as the sale of 463,000 vehicle sales, the delivery of 476,000 vehicles, and a cost reduction of 10%. Among them, Dongfeng Citroen is considered an important scoring role. In March this year, Dongfeng Citroen's overall sales volume was 11,745 units, an increase of 37% from the previous period. As of March 2018, cumulative sales reached 30,332 vehicles. The increase was significant. From the perspective of market segments, Dongfeng Citroen’s current sales rankings are: new Elysee, Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS and C4 Sega. Among them, the new Elysee increased by 81% in March from the previous month. Dongfeng Citroen hopes to strengthen the “four pillars” so as to achieve the goal of “returning to the track”.
Specifically, the new promise means that Dongfeng Citroen will guarantee new cars every year. In the future, Dongfeng Citroen will establish two product lines, the SUV product line and a new generation of sedan product lines. The Beijing Motor Show debut of the SUV Yunyi, coupled with SUV Tianyi and C3-XR, three different positioning of the SUV will constitute the Dongfeng Citroen brand strong SUV product matrix. The sedan line will accelerate the upgrading of products on the basis of existing products, accelerate the optimization of product structure, and comprehensively strengthen the comfort genes of the Dongfeng Citroen sedan.
The brand-new relationship refers to the integration of Dongfeng Citroen through Longyouhui, My Citroen and Citroen Advisor. It will increase the promotion of digital services and establish a 360° evaluation system around customized maintenance, Citroen consultants and value-added services. Win the trust of customers. The new location means that from 2017 to 2019, Dongfeng Citroen will continue to complete the entire network transformation in three years, and through the creation of ""Citroen House"" city showroom, ""Citroen House"" flash shop, carry out urban tour and build the most The degree of recognition, the most fashionable car exhibition booth, multi-dimensional reach the young users to choose the car, car, car location.
The innovative experience refers to experiencing and experiencing a higher standard of living, better safety, and more driving pleasure through the zebra crossing system and interactive experience activities on the SUV and more models. Obviously, Dongfeng Citroen hopes to work together from the four dimensions of product, service, channel, and experience to return to the track. ""In 2018-2020, we defined the strategy of 'returning to the track.' The first step has been initially completed."" Li Xiaoyang, deputy general manager of business of Shenlong Motor Co., Ltd., said in an exclusive interview with the Economic Observer newspaper that the strategic focus is In 2020, it will return to a market share of 3%, with a 5% operating margin, ranking Top3 in terms of quality. ""This will have vitality, hematopoietic function and influence.""