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Automobile new retail or will benefit a large number of small and micro enterprises

2018-06-01 15:04:16
"“In 2017, the sales volume of China's automobile passenger vehicles is 29 million. This figure will continue to rise to 42 million over the next five years. Among the participants in such a large market, 850,000 micro-enterprises include their living conditions. It will be improved due to the new retail of automobiles.” Zhao Bojun, president of Beijing Lithite Tianji Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., told reporters.

On the afternoon of the 29th, Beijing Lite Tianji Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. held a conference called “Xiaoji Automobile +” for its recruitment of alliance projects to introduce in detail the business opportunities brought by the new retail of automobiles for the relevant small and micro enterprises.

In an interview with reporters, Zhao Bozheng said that although the current size of the Chinese auto market exceeds RMB 1 trillion, the main players are large distributor groups, OEMs, and automobile dealers. The profitability of the 850,000 microenterprises involved is mainly With regard to artificial dividends, there are statistics showing that more than 45% of micro-business owners earn less than two senior technicians on a monthly basis, and the emergence of new auto retail will improve the situation.

According to reports, the upgrade of “Small Car +” is from a simple boutique to a new installation to sales, and it is a new brand of Littelfuse, which links the entire automotive industry chain from mere sales to pre-sales and sales. The full range of content that can be penetrated into and after sales.

According to industry insiders, the current stimulating of many policies has caused parallel imported cars to receive widespread attention from the market and consumers, and sales have increased year by year. In particular, tariff reductions are more purely direct for parallel imported vehicles, which may lead to a further increase in the price advantage of parallel imported vehicles relative to medium-sized imported vehicles after the tariff reduction. The cost performance of parallel imported vehicles will become even higher. Based on the huge scale of the auto aftermarket and the huge benefits it brings, more and more related manufacturers have emerged, and both the repair shop and the beauty shop have been rapidly developed. However, with the diversified development of the demand for auto after-market services, these auto after-market companies with offline traditions are unable to cope with the variability of the market, and there are also many problems that are difficult to solve.

Zhao Bojun told reporters that they will complete 197 training sessions in the after-market upgrade at the end of this year. The management of the company will be upgraded and trained 106 times, and the sub-container-loaded container system will be put into 20 four-tier cities. This will effectively promote micro Corporate profit model upgrades.

In addition, with the arrival of the intelligent era, AI smart sales assistants will also be used in new retail time, which can enrich the user experience, and ultimately provide micro business empowerment, operational empowerment, and innovation empowerment for related micro businesses. Create a business operating system with a label for the new retail era