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Enhance the brand image to help China's cars fly

"Import tariffs on automobiles will soon be lowered, and the increasingly open Chinese auto market will undoubtedly usher in new challenges. The industry believes that in the face of new challenges and opportunities, efforts to enhance China's auto brand image is just the right time.
“The current Chinese auto industry is still big and not strong, and there is no world-class auto brand,” said Zhu Huarong, president of Changan Automobile.
The industry generally believes that the Chinese auto industry has sufficient production and sales scale, and the core product competitiveness in individual fields is gradually approaching the world level. However, in the world's top brands, there is no figure for China's auto companies, and the international influence of China's auto brands is still limited.
“Brand is the embodiment of corporate core value. The essence of the brand is consumer recognition and preference.” According to Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, many Chinese companies are now able to compete with international brands in technology and services, but Consumers do not buy, largely because companies do not establish their own strong brand image, resulting in inaccurate market positioning, can only rely on price warfare and other ways to participate in market competition.
Zhu Huarong believes that China's automobiles should make greater efforts in brand image, and strive to quickly and significantly increase brand value and enhance consumers' sense of identity.
“The brand value is endless, can promote the local enterprise to change the extensive development mode, enhance the competitiveness of the company in the domestic and international markets.” Li Shufu said that China will undoubtedly need to develop its own brand, relying on technological innovation and quality services, with The brand has driven upgrades.
After years of hard work, the annual sales of automobiles in China have reached nearly 30 million vehicles. It has become the world’s largest automobile production and sales country. Local auto brands have become increasingly competitive in the domestic market.
In recent years, with the birth of many independent new energy automobile brands and the upsurge of the traditional car enterprises' ""re-starting business,"" China's original models, design concepts, and China-style new energy intelligent network vehicles have frequently appeared at international auto shows. It is gradually changing.
At present, the overseas sales market of China's autonomous car brands is mainly concentrated in Iran, Vietnam, Chile and other countries. In recent years, Chinese car manufacturers have begun to increase their sales to Europe and the United States and other countries. Industry experts pointed out that with the acceleration of the pace of opening up, China's auto brands should seize the opportunity of the times, focus on ""internal and external"" to enhance competitiveness and actively respond to future challenges.
How to establish a Chinese car brand? Liu, the chairman of the China Brand Building Promotion Association, believes that the development of Chinese brands needs to increase international cooperation and the development of the world brands also needs Chinese strength. Local enterprises should adhere to the high-quality development path and follow the direction of supply-side structural reforms to seize the world's new scientific and technological revolution and opportunities for industrial change.
“The core of the brand is revolutionary innovation, which brings new customers with richer value and the ultimate experience with new ideas.” Zhu Huarong said that at present, China is paying more attention to brand image construction, and consumption upgrading will also give the automotive industry belt. New opportunities.
Some people in the industry believe that only by encouraging independent innovation, cultivating large numbers of talents, and improving both soft power and hard power in a “two-pronged approach” can the Chinese auto industry cultivate the famous internationally renowned brands and develop into the high-end international automobile industry chain.
""There is no doubt that China's autonomous car brands will play an increasingly important role in the future and fully participate in the global market competition."" Li Shufu said that Chinese car brands are constantly maturing in the ""going out"" process