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Can the keys be locked in the car? You may not have experienced something

"   Nowadays, the car remote control central control lock is already the basic configuration of the car, electrical engineers will design a variety of central control lock work logic to ensure vehicle safety. But in the process of daily car, always heard a friend key was locked car situation, the solution is the Eight Immortals crossing the sea were supernatural powers. How do you avoid this happen?

Under what circumstances will the key be locked in the car?

Equipped with automatic lock function models

   Vehicles in the unlocked after a certain period of time did not start the engine or did not open the door, the general will automatically lock to ensure safety. If during this period the key or the key bag into the car, and then close the door, after a period of time the door lock is also possible to automatically lock. In the car home forum to see some car keys in the ignition switch on the stuck off the door after a period of time automatically locked the door, the owner was crazy.

Unlock the trunk separately

   The key is locked the trunk also often heard that the lock process is often the owner alone unlock the trunk, take things when the keys are easily placed in the trunk, close the trunk after the automatic return to the locked state. The whole process of four vehicles have been in the lock state, in the closure of the trunk of the moment, like a thunderbolt.

The car itself is faulty

    The failure of the car itself will lead to the car inexplicable automatic lock, the cause of the failure is likely to be from the body control module BCM (Body Control Module) itself. Body control module is the design of powerful control module, a variety of electrical control. Body control module features include: electric door and window control, central control door lock control, remote control anti-theft, lighting system control, electric rearview mirror heating control, instrument backlight adjustment, power distribution. Once it fails, the door automatically lock the chance to automatically become high.

Accidentally uncontrollable situation

   Some models with keyless entry function even if the key on the car, the door will automatically lock, I have encountered such a situation. At that time, the key was placed on the lower side of the passenger compartment, and the car was automatically locked when the door was closed for some time. Later, look at the instructions, the instructions clearly pointed out that there are several places where the car can not detect the key of the blind area, co-driving storage compartment is one of them, the key on these locations is likely to cause the whole car automatically lock, The keys are locked inside the car.

How is the key locked in the car?

Take the lowest cost of the key

   The first is to take the key, if the spare key at home or not far from the car, then it is recommended to take the key to use, although the trip a little bit toss, but this experience will certainly make you never forget. In addition, leaving the car to take the key when the best friends to stay in the car, to prevent the heart of the heart of people who want to read badly. When buying a used car, you must ask for a spare key. If the former owner's spare key is lost, consider replacing the car lock or choosing another used car.

Find a lock company lockout approach

  Anxious owners can choose a regular unlock company, unlock the company will use professional tools from the lock core at the door to open, and no damage to the lock cylinder. Before the lock on the phone asked what relevant documents, the best time to prepare a complete, unlock the price of about 200-500 yuan, luxury cars or remote areas may be higher than this price.

Trailer rescue is time consuming

   Some 4S shops or repair shops will also provide unlocking services, they will use special technical means to unlock the door, but the premise is to drag the car to the maintenance workshop. At present, many insurance companies to provide free trailer rescue services, vehicles encountered problems to the insurance company is also a good way to call.

Remote unlock the pros and cons of coexistence

    The key is locked in the car first do not panic, first calm, there will always be a way to open the door. Buick, Chery, BYD and other models equipped with vehicle intelligent interconnection system, with remote telephone or mobile phone unlock the function of the car, these functions usually do not have access to the key moment really work. Many owners in these functions had a free period, need to renew when the abandoned. This configuration may become popular in the future, but is it really good? In this reservation point of view, any too electronic, information-based features are security risks.

Breaking the door frame with wire hooks is no longer applicable

   Many of the riders in the forum to deal with the key lock car is the window frame to break out of the gap with a wire hook door handle or central locking method. This approach should be effective for some low-end models, these cars are thinner door, easier to break out of the gap. But at present most of the models are compared to the front of a lot of doors, and almost all concave door frame, it is difficult to break out of the window frame gap, once the door off the deformation, rain or car wash when the car must water The method is not recommended.

Smashing windows and windows to move

    If the above methods can not be achieved, hit the glass is the last choice. To hit the glass which should pay attention, do not compete with their own, the front windshield glass can not be smashed, no it can really drive; after the windshield internal mosaic heating wire, expensive; front door glass driver also use it Wind, and finally left behind the door glass and back door triangular glass. Do not look back door Triangle glass area is small, the manufacturing cost is low, but the material is rare, this small glass is often 4S shop and Auto Parts City are not stocking, the price is as expensive as the windshield, if not long distance, small windows Good seal, then do not hit this piece of glass. After the window glass is the last choice, hands-on attention to protect themselves, do not be mistaken by glass debris, hit as soon as possible after the trip to the repair site to replace the glass.

   Automotive electrical equipment will become increasingly complex, the probability of failure will gradually increase, the door automatically lock the lock can not be completely eradicated. The key way to avoid the key being locked is to develop good habits, whether it is the traditional remote control key or keyless entry models are carrying the key, get off when the key should also be out of the car, from the trunk Things pay attention to the key carry. These actions look very trivial, but really can prevent the key from being locked in the car.