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Car networking "Money King" cited giants competing for the rapid development of automotive

With the gradual unification of communication standards and rapid technological advancement, intelligent connected cars are entering an accelerated development stage. A report predicts that the compound annual growth rate of the car networking sector in 2016-2021 will reach 22.9%, which will be the most robust growth market in the Internet of Things. At present, Huawei, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and a number of listed companies have all accelerated their deployment. Among them, Huawei's strategy committee has stated more clearly that the car networking is a high-value industry and it is necessary to make the car network the first in the world.

Make cars have smart brains

Low energy carbonization, power generation, light weight of the vehicle body, intelligentization of the entire vehicle, transportation network and sharing are the major trends in the development of automobile ecology. Among them, the development of intelligent vehicles and networked vehicles has greatly surpassed the momentum of electric power.

Popular understanding, intelligent network will make the car has a smart "brain", with complex environmental awareness, intelligent decision-making, collaborative control and execution and other functions, can achieve safety, comfort, energy saving, efficient driving, and achieve automatic driving. How to put the smart brain into the car and play a role is not only the vehicle company, a large number of Internet and communications technology companies have played an important role in it, have invested in the field of automotive intelligent network.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2017, the total amount of financing for the smart network-linked automotive industry was over 40 billion yuan. Behind this is a huge market prospect in the area of ​​car networking. According to the latest report from IC Insights, an international market research and development organization, the total market value of the Internet of Things will reach 93.9 billion U.S. dollars this year, of which the highest growth rate is in the internet of vehicles market, which is expected to increase by 21.6% to 4.5 billion U.S. dollars.

According to another prediction by BI Intelligence, the market adjustment agency, by 2020, the global connected car market will reach 380 million units, and the global connected car sales will increase from 21 million units in 2016 to 94 million units. The ratio will reach 82%. Between 2015 and 2020, the global car networking industry will generate 8.1 trillion U.S. dollars in revenue.

Intelligent network development

Recently, Huawei, a global telecommunications giant, has launched the Ocean Connect vehicle networking platform at the CEBIT 2018 (2018 International Consumer Electronics Information and Communication Expo) in Germany. It is dedicated to the intelligent networking of vehicles, service-oriented car companies, and transportation. The intelligent evolution. According to reports, Huawei’s Strategy Committee issued a document in April this year that mentions the strategic focus of Huawei’s multiple businesses in 2018. Among them, the Internet of Vehicles is the first item to be highlighted; the document clearly states that the Internet of Things is a high-value industry. , To speed up the layout, the goal is simple and clear: to make the car network into the world's first. Xiong Wei, the president of Huawei's LTE product line, also revealed that in 2018, Huawei will provide 100,000 network-linked vehicles with related solutions for car networking.

At the just-concluded 2018 Asia CES show, Internet company Baidu announced the official launch of Apollo 2.0 and was officially opened to users. Baidu Apollo 2.0 is a complete auto-driving solution that enables simple urban road automation. It is reported that, in addition to the domestic Changan Automobile Group, FAW Group and other large vehicle manufacturers, the Ford, Daimler and other European and American auto giants and Nvidia, Intel and other technology giants and other companies about 100 companies have also joined the plan. At the same time, Honda Japan and Hyundai also announced their participation in the Baidu Auto Drive Development Alliance.

In the case of listed companies, SAIC Group announced in cooperation with Alibaba Cloud in early June that it will launch the first hybrid cloud vehicle R&D simulation computing service platform "Saoqi Simulation Computing Cloud SSCC" in the industry to enhance the efficiency of automotive R&D, and to strengthen R&D process connectivity by means of cloud computing. , automation, and intelligence. Looking further ahead, on May 24, the Guangzhou Automobile Industry Research Institute and Tencent Cloud reached a cooperation agreement, and the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in the area of ​​integrated solutions for car networking and big data cloud.

Since Hyunmin Zhitong has been involved in the field of car networking, with the core of “car networking data operation services” as the core, it has promoted the full range of “car engine—T-Box—car networking data operation services” to form an Intersite hardware. The intelligent network-linked automobile industry chain is the core of the software products and the Zhiwu Driving Data Operation Service. Lu Chang Technology and Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba and other Internet giants have reached a strategic cooperation to jointly promote the development of car networking and intelligent vehicles.

Car networking standard built in 2020

The "Guide" is divided into general requirements, intelligent network-linked vehicles, information and communications, electronic products and services, among which the intelligent network-linked automotive parts have been issued at the end of 2017.

The "Guide" pointed out that speeding up the formulation of common basic standards, stepping up the development of standards related to autopilot and assisted driving, key technical standards for automotive electronic products, key technical standards for wireless communications, and the formulation of key technical standards for the application of automotive networking to meet the needs of industrial development. By 2020, the country’s car networking industry standard system will be basically established.

Intelligent network-linked automotive standard system, mainly defined basic directions such as definition, classification, human-machine interface, functional safety and evaluation, and other general specifications, environmental awareness, decision-making and early-warning, auxiliary control, automatic control, and information exchange, and other related standards for product and technology applications direction.

The information and communication standard system is mainly designed for the standard system design of information and communication technologies, networks and equipment, and application services for the car network, and it focuses on the next generation of information and communication technologies to support the development of car networking applications. The key standards related to information and communication in the car networking industry are supported by common basic technologies and information and communication security technologies. The architecture is divided according to the “end-pipe-cloud” approach and is divided into the perception layer (end) and the network layer (pipe). ) and application layer (cloud) three levels.

The electronic product and service standard system clarifies the standardization and development direction of the car networking electronic products and vehicle information services. Car networking electronic products and services include basic products, terminals, networks, platforms and services, etc. It collects and acquires intelligent information of vehicles through basic products and terminals to realize traffic information, navigation services, entertainment information, safe driving, online business, and emissions information. , remote control and other services.

Relevant persons from the Technology Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology indicated that the "Guide" will give full play to the top-level design and basic leading role of standards in the construction of the Vehicular Network Eco-environment. Industry insiders pointed out that with the gradual unification of communication standards and rapid technological advancement, the conditions for the application of the Internet of Vehicles are maturing, and the smart network industry is expected to enter the fast lane of development.