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Baidu and Ford China have reached a full range of cooperation Technology giants and auto giants &quo

·Baidu and Ford China signed a letter of intent on strategic cooperation today. Both parties will explore in-depth cooperation in the areas of car networking, artificial intelligence and digital marketing.

·Cooperation between the two parties aims to provide intelligent, personalized in-vehicle infotainment systems and digital solutions for Chinese consumers, and use innovative ways to enhance the user experience

·The two companies also plan to establish a smart car networking joint laboratory to seek business cooperation opportunities in the automotive and mobile travel fields in the Chinese market.

· Through strategic cooperation, both parties will embrace emerging digital technologies, accelerate business opportunities, create a sound and sustainable travel ecosystem, and once again strengthen Ford Motor Company’s strategic vision of becoming the world’s most trusted mobile travel company.

On June 27, 2018, Beijing, China - Baidu and Ford Motor (China) Co., Ltd. ("Ford China") reached a strategic cooperation intention today, and the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in various fields to seek to enhance the user experience. Innovation opportunities, together to create and improve a sustainable travel ecosystem. According to this letter of intent, Baidu and Ford China will develop and explore in-depth cooperation in the areas of car networking, digital solutions, artificial intelligence technology, and digital marketing.

Dr. Zhang Yaqin, president of Baidu, and Peter Fleet, vice president of Ford Motor Company Group and president of Asia Pacific, met with Baidu’s headquarters in Beijing today and witnessed the signing of a letter of intent for cooperation between the two parties. Su Tan, general manager of Baidu's Connected Vehicle Division, and Hou Xinhai, Ford’s mobile travel platform and product director for the Asia Pacific region, signed the letter of intent for the strategic cooperation on behalf of both parties.

Dr. Zhang Yaqin, president of Baidu, said: “The advent of artificial intelligence and the trend of interconnection will drive the global auto industry from being closed and vertically integrated to gradually opening up. Baidu will integrate advanced Ford automotive engineering technology through deep artificial intelligence technology accumulation for consumption in China. Provide a more intelligent driving experience and create a model of integrated innovation for the smart driving era.”

“To work with leading technology companies such as Baidu will help strengthen Ford’s strategic vision of being committed to becoming the most trusted mobile travel company in the world. Both parties will be committed to using innovation opportunities to create a sound and sustainable travel ecosystem.” Fu Lide said, "As part of the 'China in China' strategy, Ford will work closely with Baidu to promote the launch of more intelligent products and solutions that will make Chinese consumers' lives more convenient and comfortable."

The two parties will cooperate based on Baidu DuerOS-based artificial intelligence vehicle networking technology, including voice semantics, vehicle image, content ecology, and other technologies, to provide innovative automotive infotainment systems and digital services, so that Ford owners have more concise personality User experience.

Through Baidu artificial intelligence technology and information service ecosystem, vehicle owners can use natural language to complete the operation and exchange of vehicles, enabling owners to easily obtain the information they need in daily life and enjoy related services.

Baidu and Ford also plan to establish a smart car networking joint laboratory and actively explore business cooperation opportunities in the automotive and mobile travel fields in the Chinese market. The two parties will work hard to develop cloud-based artificial intelligence technology to enhance the overall user experience of the vehicle owners, covering multiple user contacts such as car machines, mobile phones, smart homes, and sales platforms.

Both parties will also seek in-depth cooperation in the field of cloud computing, for example, cooperation with the Ford Vehicle Alliance Cloud Platform. The Ford Vehicle Lianyun Platform is an open cloud platform created by Autonomic, a subsidiary of Ford Smart Travel Co., Ltd. It provides services for participants throughout the travel and transportation ecosystem, such as the related technical services of the car networking.

The two companies will also leverage on their strengths and apply advanced technology and big data to explore the commercial cooperation of precision digital marketing solutions. This move will help Ford Motor more accurately analyze Chinese consumer behavior and preferences, and targeted development of its products.

The strategic cooperation intention reached to further deepen the existing partnership between Baidu and Ford. In July last year, Ford Motor joined Baidu's Apollo open platform and was a member of Apollo's board of directors. This time, Ford and Baidu continue to expand the field of cooperation and explore the multi-dimensional in-depth cooperation within the travel ecosystem, which will lay a solid foundation for both the business development and continuous innovation.