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JAC Volkswagen Pure Electric Vehicle "Sissi" will be presented at the World Manufacturing

"The new energy vehicle cooperation project between Jianghuai Automobile and Germany Volkswagen is known as the “No. 1 Project” for the development of Anhui's advanced manufacturing industry, attracting much attention. At the upcoming 2018 World Manufacturing Conference, ""Project No. 1"" will unveil its mysterious veil: Jianghuai Volkswagen's first pure electric vehicle, ""Silicon"", meets with the guests of the conference. The Voice of China, the People’s Broadcasting Station of China, reported relevant news in this morning’s highlight “News and Newspaper Briefs”.
According to the Voice of China News and Newspaper Briefs, the 2018 World Manufacturing Conference will be opened in Hefei, Anhui on May 25th. Voice of China will launch a special report, “Forecast of the World Manufacturing Conference”, focusing on the current situation of Chinese manufacturing and world manufacturing. And the future, broadcast today: ""World Manufacture and China Manufacturing Coexistence and Inclusion"".
When the 2018 World Manufacturing Conference was unveiled in Hefei, Jianghuai Volkswagen's first pure electric vehicle, “Silicon,” jointly built by Jianghuai Automobile and the German Volkswagen, will also be open to the General Assembly.
In June 2017, JAC Group and Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd. signed a joint venture agreement in Berlin, which is China's first Sino-foreign joint venture new energy company.
Jiang Jinhuai chairman An Jin: The joint venture project meets the requirements of the ""Sino-German Cooperative Action Outline"", focusing on the development of the R&D system and the development of the smart grid, and has a demonstration effect on the new joint venture and cooperation model of the automotive industry.
Hezmann, president and CEO of Volkswagen Group (China), is also confident of cooperation.
Heitzman: By 2025, we will sell 1.5 million new energy vehicles in China.
You have me, and I have you, and you are becoming a new feature of the coexistence and coexistence of manufacturing and manufacturing in the world. When “Made in China” drifts across the ocean, “Made in the World” also blossoms in China: May 10, The world's top 500 largest liquid crystal glass substrate factory invested and built by Corning Corporation of the United States was mass-produced in Hefei. The data shows that more than half of the newly-built LCD panel companies in 2016 and 2017 have settled in China. In 2017, 49.66 foreign-invested enterprises were newly established in China's manufacturing industry, up 24.5% year-on-year.
As stressed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, ""The door to China's opening will not be closed, it will only grow bigger and bigger."" This conference focused on the three major sections of the global manufacturing industry summit, manufacturing docking, and manufacturing exhibition, and built a new platform for world-renowned manufacturing technology exchanges and international cooperation.