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Strengthen Financial Technology Microfinance Network to Enable Automotive Financial Industry Enablin

"The pace of the Internet finance special rectification work is accelerating. The document on the rectification and acceptance of the Internet financial network lending has also been gradually released, and the entire Internet financial industry platform has become a hot topic.
On May 27th, Chengdu Station, a large-scale exchange conference for ""net loans and zero distances"" sponsored by Netcom Tianyan, was successfully held. Chen Wei, the head of the micro-loan network brand department, was invited to attend, focusing on the latest online loan industry policies, hot spots, and future online loans. Industry investment direction and other hot issues, and the investors conducted a face-to-face zero distance communication.

Chen Wei, Head of the Brand Department of Micro-loan Network, gave a keynote speech on “Technology Enabling Automotive Finance”
Back-to-back era with compliance win investor recognition
Since the ""Notice of Doing a Good Job on Correcting the Acceptance of P2P Network Loan Risks"" (hereinafter referred to as the ""Notice"") in December 2017, the Internet finance industry has opened a record.
Looking at the industry, it has been ten years since 2017 when Internet finance entered China in 2007. However, since the beginning of last year, the mutual gold industry has borne too much uncertainty: the regulation has been vigorous and resolute, the pressure for rectification has been enormous, and the progress of filing has been slow... But this process is from the chaos to order in the mutual gold industry, from faith to compliance, and from The management of capital deposits to limit management has become more standardized and transparent.
Maintaining investors’ confidence and establishing investment security are still the top priorities. Chen Hao said that since the launch, Microfinance Network has always adhered to the bottom line of compliance, and has continued to polish its internal strengths, work hard on details, optimize and upgrade in terms of qualification acquisition, technical iteration, and brand enhancement, and the compliance construction of the platform has always been Walking in the forefront of the industry.
""Recording is the starting point, not the end,"" said Chen Wei. Currently, the micro-credit network takes the filing work as a top priority. It will also follow the regulatory requirements and carry out compliance construction work with high standards and strict requirements.
Permeability and Innovation Start to Accelerate Automotive Finance Development
As the country implements ""overall coverage"" and ""transmission-type"" supervision of the Internet finance industry, the transformation of platforms or benign exits will also change the industry landscape. Auto finance has become a well-deserved pretext.
At the scene, Chen Hao delivered a keynote speech titled “Technology Enabling Automotive Finance”. After analyzing the current state of automotive finance, Chen Hao said that Internet finance companies have their own advantages in participating in the automotive financial market. Their products are flexible and diverse, and they can meet a variety of individual needs. It is the best user experience among all participants, and The introduction of big data into the wind control has relatively strong wind control capabilities.
In her opinion, Internet finance companies can use breakthroughs in penetration and innovation to solve the current low penetration rate of auto finance through lending of big data, financial scenarios, and inclusive financial services. Such problems as low acceptance of other methods, and thus changing the status quo of the main participating parties in the automobile and financial market as commercial banks, and better serving users.

“Currently, financial technology is reshaping automotive finance.” When referring to financial technology, Chen Xi said that the application of financial technology in the field of vehicle financing and access control is becoming more and more widespread.
As a P2P online loan platform focused on auto finance, while microfinance network is deepening the segmentation of auto loans, it has also developed “online” development of platforms from the four dimensions of customers, employees, management, and products through financial technology applications. Create stronger wind control capabilities and data model modeling capabilities, and complete “online” from client acquisition to loan completion.