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Jiangsu tries its best to create a national manufacturing innovation center in the field of new ener

Jiangsu Provincial New Energy Automobile Energy and Information Innovation Alliance was established under the guidance of the Coordination Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission and the Jiangsu Provincial New Energy Vehicle Promotion and Application Coordination Group. It consists of new energy vehicle vehicle companies, charging and replacement facilities companies, energy companies and battery motors. Enterprises, universities and research institutes and other 55 member units. The first members to join the alliance include Wanbang New Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd., Sinopec Sales Company Jiangsu Branch Company, China Quality Certification Center Nanjing Branch, Tsinghua University, and Jiangsu Automobile Engineering Association.

Jiangsu Provincial New Energy Automobile Energy and Information Innovation Center is the only provincial-level manufacturing innovation center in the province's new energy field. It was established by 13 founding shareholders who contributed 50 million yuan. Shareholders include Wanbang New Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Greentown Information Technology Co., Ltd., Kaiwo New Energy Automotive Group Co., Ltd., Dalian University of Technology Changzhou Research Institute Co., Ltd., Phoenix Contact China Inc., and Wuxi Junon New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Kunshan Huiyi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Hefei University of Technology Automotive Engineering Technology Research Institute, Nanjing Nengrui Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., etc. Among them, the five charging companies cover all the forces of the charging equipment manufacturing field in Jiangsu Province, forming a rare new model of cooperation that is far greater than the competition and peer-to-peer joint venture and win-win development. With the full support of the Jiangsu Provincial Government, members of the Alliance will actively contribute their own industrial strength and jointly spur to build a national manufacturing innovation center.

Chi Yu, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Committee, said in his speech that in 2017, Jiangsu Province will produce and sell 70,000 new energy vehicles, demonstrate and popularize 40,000 vehicles, and build more than 50,000 charging piles. The next step is to realize core technologies. breakthrough. He pointed out that the establishment of Jiangsu Automotive Energy Alliance and the sprint of Jiangsu Province to create a national manufacturing innovation center is to solve the shortcomings of the company’s core technology, and will also promote the interconnection and interoperability among enterprises and increase the number of enterprises. The convenience of integration reduces the waste of resources. Chiyu requires enterprises participating in the construction of alliances and innovation centers to highlight their orientation, highlight collaboration, highlight marketization, highlight industrialization, and highlight sustainable development.

Ms. Xu Yanhua, the secretary-general of the China Electric Vehicle Charge Infrastructure Promotion Association of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, spoke highly of the establishment of Innovation Alliance and Innovation Center. She pointed out that Jiangsu Province chose to create a coalition of energy and information innovation and create a manufacturing innovation center. It is right to accurately grasp the pulse and trend of the national smart manufacturing strategy; Jiangsu Province selected Wanbang new energy and selected stars to initiate the establishment of a coalition to lead the alliance. And the innovation center is right. The charging of the stars has contributed many innovative modes and strengths to the development of the national new energy automobile industry.

Shi Dingyi, member of the State Leading Group for Medium and Long-Term Scientific and Technological Development Planning Leading Group Office, Strategic Research Group Leader, State Council Counsellor, and Honorary Chairman of Jiangsu New Energy Automotive Energy and Information Innovation Alliance, also spoke on behalf of Innovation Alliance, pointing out that the establishment of the alliance is in response to the Central Innovation Strategically driven requirements, better implement the new development concept of the “13th Five-Year Plan”, and implement one of the Party’s important processes in the 19th National Congress, we are confident that the alliance will play an important role in the development of new energy vehicles.

Academician Yang Yusheng of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Academician Han Yinghuan, Professor Chen Quanshi of Tsinghua University, Xu Guanghui of the Standing Committee of Changzhou Municipal Committee, Gu Jiandeng of President of Greater China of Phoenix, Li Yujun of Executive Vice President of Beiqi New Energy Research Institute, and T Feng and Wan Ban of Chairman of Wanbang Vehicle Industry Group More than 500 leaders and experts, including Shao Dunwei, chairman of New Energy Investment Group attended the meeting