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Safety is the foundation of new energy vehicles

  • Author:Tencent car
  • Source:www.cardvd-wholesale.com
  • Release on:2018-10-16

Safety is the foundation of the development of the new energy automobile industry. With the rapid growth of production, sales and possession of new energy vehicles, electric vehicles are entering the stage of steady increase from the initial stage. The more this time, the more we must adhere to the "safety first" bottom line thinking, otherwise it will lay a hidden danger for the healthy development of the industry.

    First, companies must take the initiative to strengthen quality control. Whether it is a vehicle manufacturer or a supplier of parts and components, we should establish the concept of “quality first” and comprehensively strengthen quality control from the aspects of design, manufacturing, verification and use. In the face of a fast-growing market, companies must always be rational, strictly enforce national standards, and must not cut corners in order to grab market, including eliminating battery product testing and verification processes, and shortening battery product testing and verification time.

    Second, the formulation of subsidy policies should be scientific and reasonable. On the one hand, the subsidy policy should not be changed too frequently. If the subsidy indicator changes every year, it will make the company feel at a loss. On the other hand, subsidy technical indicators should not be too far from the actual level. Otherwise, it is easy to mislead companies to blindly pursue high specific energy for subsidies, which leads to safety problems.

    Third, the competent authorities should increase safety supervision. The competent department shall establish a safety management system of “prevention-oriented, multi-level linkage” from the whole life cycle of electric vehicles, including product certification, operational safety, maintenance, decommissioning and recovery, and related safety standards and regulations. The real-time online dynamic tracking and supervision of the new energy vehicle safety status that has been listed will eliminate the hidden dangers in the bud.

    Of course, in addition to strict control of product quality, we must also understand that the fundamental solution to the safety of new energy vehicles depends on technological progress and innovation breakthroughs. As far as lithium-ion power batteries are concerned, high specific energy is the development direction and trend of the whole world. It is not necessary to develop high specific energy batteries because of safety problems. The key is to grasp high specific energy and safety through technological innovation. The balance between the two. In addition, the government and enterprises must strengthen forward-looking scientific research, invest long-term in capital, technology and time for the development of a new generation of safer and more solid-state batteries, and update new iterators by updating iterative products. Safe use, empowering the high-quality development of China's new energy vehicle industry.