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The second Gu'an Intelligent Network Alliance Automotive Summit Forum was held

"On the forum, several well-known intelligent network-linked car companies took the new car to participate in the field test. No one ferryed, self-desired car, valet parking and other projects were displayed one after another, and the test riders and the participants exchanged praise. At the same time, Smart Car Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Liangdao Intelligent Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., Zonghuang Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhixing Yihang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and other innovative companies signed a contract to station in Gu'an to jointly build an intelligent network. Link industry high ground.
The intelligent network alliance is the commanding height of China’s strategy to seize the future of the automotive industry. “Made in China 2025” clearly stated that in 2030, China’s intelligent network Lianhua should be in line with international standards in terms of top-level design, standards system, and market effects. In the development of intelligent network vehicles, testing is a key step in the development of technology into practical applications.
“In the sense of the environment of the intelligent driving system, China’s driving test environment is the most difficult, because our traffic environment is particularly complex and testing is difficult, and we need constant cooperation and exploration of all parties.” China Automotive Technology and Research Center Experts said. ""Guang's lifelike and rich test scenarios have greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of the new car testing of intelligent network-linked car companies, and shortened the new car R&D cycle for car companies."" Experts participating in the forum commented.
The good industrial environment of Gu'an New Town is attracting innovative companies. On the same day, Wanji Technology, the industry leader in intelligent transportation systems, signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Gu'an Industrial New City. It will use Wanji’s advanced V2X terminal products to demonstrate demonstration and test in the designated area of ​​the New Town of Gu'an. It is reported that Wanji Technology is a national high-tech enterprise and a listed company. ETC, electronic weighing and other transportation system products are among the top three in the industry. In addition, a number of innovative companies such as Smart Car, Bright Intelligence, Link Technology, and Airline Smart have signed contracts with China Happiness to jointly build an intelligent network industry in Gu'an.
According to the person in charge of Gu'an, Smart Net Alliance Automotive has advanced the layout of the leading industry in the New City of Gu'an. It has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Automotive Engineering Institute of Jilin University and Taiku Technology Venture Development Co., Ltd. At present, the overall plan for the development of the intelligent networked automobile industry has been completed. According to the overall plan, this year, Gu'an will be built into the North Intelligent Automotive Technology Innovation Center. By 2021, it will complete the R&D, testing, production, experience, and service overall layout, and accelerate the establishment of the Intelligent Network Alliance Automotive Industry Highland in Northern China.