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U-Car: Changes are coming, and the automotive industry usher in new opportunities

"On April 28, 2018, the second stop of the new retail innovation and development summit of the Miuyou Automobile was held at the Ritz-Carlton Intercontinental Hotel in Shijiazhuang. Secretary of the Automobile Circulation Industry Association of Hebei Province Hou Chengbin, Deputy Secretary-General Tian Jingbo, Doctor of Economics at Tohoku University, Japan, Deputy Director of the Development Strategy Research Office of Hebei University of Economics and Business, and Dong Jun, Research Fellow of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integrated Development Collaborative Innovation Center, Miao You Vice President of Vehicles, General Manager of Beijing Jurong Youhe Technology Co., Ltd., Chen Jing of Miaoyou Vehicles, Ms. Wu Wei of Miaoyou Vehicles Co., Ltd., Director of Investment Department of Miaoyou Vehicles, Hebei Province, and Industry Leaders, Well-known Scholars, and Automobile Retailers from Hebei and Its Surrounding Areas The grand meeting, a total of words ""the new era of automobile new retail formats and future development trends""
In 2017, China's auto production and sales respectively completed 29.02 million vehicles and 28.88 million vehicles, achieving an increase of 3% in sales volume, and producing and selling in the world for the first time in nine consecutive years. With the continuous development of the Chinese economy and the structural changes in the supply side, the Chinese automobile consumer market has ushered in new opportunities and challenges in 2018. In this context, the automotive aftermarket and traditional supply chains are also facing profound changes.

Change means opportunity. How can a car retailer break the board and achieve better development? How can the new car retail platform seize the opportunity to release supply vitality? How will the global retail under the new retail system of the automobile will affect the traditional car retail market? At the summit, representatives of industry elites, opinion leaders, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and Myou Vehicle representatives talked about the development trend of the Chinese auto industry and discussed new forms of auto consumption in the new era. New retail, global retail, big data, AI, car networking, smart transportation, automotive platforms, financial technology, precision marketing... are all hot words for this summit.
First of all, Secretary-General Hou Chengbin of the Automobile Circulation Industry Association of Hebei Province took office to give an opening speech for the summit. Secretary Hou Hou expressed his concern and confidence in the new retail market of China's autos in his speech.

He mentioned that the achievements of the Chinese auto industry are eye-catching, and the changes in the automotive consumer market are also full of challenges and opportunities. I hope that everyone can exchange knowledge and share experiences through this summit, and adapt to trends and innovations to help promote innovation and exploration of China's auto retail market and the long-term sustainable development of China's auto consumption market.
Dr. Dong Zheng, Ph.D. in economics at Tohoku University in Japan and deputy director of the Development Strategy Research Office at Hebei University of Economics and Business Development and researcher at the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integrated Development Collaborative Innovation Center, gave an outlook on the future development of the new retail automobile industry. He pointed out:

First, the market potential of auto retail is huge. From the new car market, the used car market to the current whole market, the annual sales volume of automobiles is trillions, and it also maintains a momentum of continuous growth;

Second, the entry of more Internet giants, the industry will enter the deep water area ""Internet + auto finance"" is expected to take off. In 2018, the scale of the market is expected to exceed RMB 1 trillion, so the industrial cake is so big that the overall industry profit is expected to reach 40% to 50%. The new retail automobile has become the most dazzling gold mine in the entire automotive industry chain, and it is also the entrepreneur of each road. An important area of ​​active concern for each capital;

Third, automotive e-commerce providers have become a new direction in providing financial services. Although China has developed rapidly and there are many policy restrictions, automobiles and e-commerce, including platform providers, have become a new direction and a new opportunity for growth. Mr. Dong Xin acknowledged and affirmed the achievements and contributions of You You car in the new retail area of ​​the car. He hopes that Miu Neng will add a strong boost to the innovative development of China's auto new retail, and transform and upgrade the automotive retail industry in North China. Send the power of the east wind.
Mr. Jing Jing, Vice President of Youyou Vehicles and General Manager of Beijing Jurong Youhe Technology Co., Ltd., deeply explained the opportunities facing the current automotive retail industry, shared the process of the establishment and development of Youyou, and analyzed the “focus and Empower"":

First, focus

At present, the excellent U-Car layout has been leading in the industry. During the process of channel expansion, the transaction data of franchise stores clearly showed a “2:8 effect”. That is, 20% of franchisees contributed 80% of sales. Therefore, while continuing to recruit more franchisees to take advantage of the long-tail effect of the Internet, Miuyou resources will focus on 20% of the outstanding franchisees. They will be supported by professional training and non-regular activity policies to drive them to a good relationship. The road ahead along the road, which is also a key strategy of the Myou Vehicle since 2018;

Second, empowerment

It means that Miuyou continues to extend its empowerment capabilities in the supply chain and consumer chain, driving the Umbrella franchisees to develop into a “comprehensive 4S shop” with the brand “Quality, Standard”. The value of Myou car is to solve the real three-party pain, that is, consumer pain, dealer pain, car factory pain. In this way, users can enjoy the “consumer experience” of car purchases at the 4S level locally, which is also the “existence value” and “career mission” of the UCAR model. The completion of this “business mission” is inevitably a process of continuously empowering businesses such as new vehicles, finance, insurance, automotive supplies, accessories, after-sales maintenance, and other business elements at the consumer chain end, and it is also necessary to provide the above at the supply chain end. The business resources of various consumer chain businesses are the process of empowering merchants to do resource distribution, order diversion, supply chain cloud platform support, storefront SaaS (software service) systems, and storefront staff training.

Hand in Hand and Win-win: 2018 Investment Promotion Policy in North China Region

Subsequently, Mr. Duan Qiang, Director of Investment Promotion of Hebei Province in Miaoyou Vehicle, announced the investment promotion policy of Miaoyou Vehicle in the North China Region and analyzed the future profit and development plan of the partner.

After the speech at the end of the segment, many of the site's franchisees expressed a high degree of enthusiasm and actively participated in the on-site questioning. Duan Hao conducted detailed explanations at the conference site.

In the end, Yan Qi, a strategic consultant of You You Che brand, elaborated on the investment joining service system of You You Vehicle for the partner. Youyou car has created four service systems for partners:

First, training service system

The training service system includes business training, speech training, VI image training and business development training;

Second, marketing service system

The marketing service system includes: market research, activity support and data marketing support; and it can provide strong support to dealers from the consumption entrance to the vehicle source;

Third, operating service system

Operational services include vehicle deployment, personnel management, and back-office system services;

Fourth, brand service system

Brand services include brand image advocates, brand promotion, elevators, buildings, and pre-magnification advertisements.