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Audi recall the global 840,000 A4 due to the airbag problem

Nick Martin 2014-10-25 18:53:51

According to overseas media reports. Audi will recall 850,000 Audi A4 worldwide, including 250,000 in the Chinese market. Recalled because of software errors related to the vehicle may occur, resulting in a collision airbag can not be expanded. Audi said the failure airbags and Japan Takada companies unrelated.

The global recallAudi A4A total of 850,000 vehicles. Of which 250,000 cars in China recalled 150,000 vehicles in Germany, the other did not give a clear area totaled 450,000 vehicles. Involving models include the 2013 to 2015 Audi A4 sedan, station wagon and Allroad versions.

Audi official said in 2012 after the production of the Audi A4 software errors may occur, the airbag in a collision can not be expanded. Nothing to fault airbags and Japan Takada company, which currently suffer because of an airbag defect several large recalls of millions of vehicles. Currently, Audi did not respond on the matter, the domestic production of the Audi A4L column is also recall, remains to be seen.

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