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Domestic Infiniti QX50 listed early next year

Nick Martin 2014-10-24 18:34:00
   According to official sources, said Dongfeng Infiniti, the new long-wheelbase Infiniti QX50 made recently about to debut, and officially listed in the first quarter of next year. New car made some changes to the appearance of the interior, a comprehensive upgrade configuration, while the wheelbase lengthened by 80mm reach 2880mm.

Appearance, domestic long-wheelbase compared to QX50 QX50 front face import version has been adjusted, canceled grille chrome bar decor, and the location of the front bumper adds chrome trim. In addition, front fog lights area is also changed from circular L-type, and integrated into the LED daytime running lights. The exterior mirrors also adds new cars turn lights, replace the tire size is 19 inches.

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