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Tight Mo panic brake failure, five strokes can maintain peace

2013-11-20 19:30:27

      1.Hanging low gear, pull the handbrake. According to road conditions and vehicle speed control the direction of disengagement high gear, while H-kick quickly empty the oil, the high-speed gear shift into low gear. Thus, the engine will be of great resistance to traction speed decreases rapidly. In addition, the downshift at the same time, in combination with the handbrake, but be careful not taut and hold the handbrake can not pull too.

2. Looking tree. Use of car bumpers, car parts such as rigidity and roadside natural obstacles (rocks, trees or slope) friction, collision, to achieve the purpose of forcibly stop danger as much as possible to reduce accident losses.

3 uphill brake failure occurs, should be timely reduction credits in the low block, to maintain sufficient momentum onto the top of the hill parking. For Banpo parking, should be kept low forward gear, tighten the hand brake, attendant promptly with stones, and other objects stuck wheel skids. If after a slip phenomenon, the rear should be directed to the slopes or security side, and open headlights and emergency lights, front and rear of the vehicle causing attention.

4 downhill brake failure, can not use the vehicle itself, to control the speed, the driver should be bold and use of natural obstacles, such as roadside rocks, trees, etc., resulting in resistance to the car. If you can not find a suitable terrain, objects can be used in emergency situations can be on one side of the body closer to the hillside in order to increase the friction resistance, gradually reduce the speed.

5 vehicle next long slope, steep slope regardless of whether the case should be stepped on the brakes. Either test braking performance can also be found in brake failure to win control the speed of the time, also called predictability brakes.