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Car antitrust penalties magnitude of unprecedented storms

  • Author:JAMES
  • Source:Chexun Wang
  • Release on:2014-09-16

September 11 afternoon , Hubei Province Price Bureau FAW - Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd. fined 2.4858 billion yuan, Hubei region 8 Audi dealer fined a total of 29.96 million yuan . Meanwhile, the Shanghai Price Bureau announced Chrysler parts of Shanghai Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. and its distributors in the price of monopolistic behavior were fined 31.682 million yuan and 2.1421 million yuan . This is the second in another part of Japan's 12 companies out of large ticket after ticket antitrust shocked the industry .

However, compared with the BMW dealer for four out of the auto industry 's first antitrust fines and parts enterprises ticket , this is not only an unprecedented amount of antitrust fines , punishment is unprecedented .

It is understood , Hubei Province Price Bureau of FAW - 6% of sales in the relevant market more than fine Volkswagen sales companies and dealers a year , namely 2.4858 billion, 8 Audi dealers penalties totaling 29.96 million yuan . Meanwhile, the Shanghai Price Bureau based on "" Antitrust Law "" Article 46 Chrysler -related sales at more than 3 percent a year penalty , totaling 31,682,000 yuan ; monopoly on the agreement reached and implemented three dealers punished where to play the role of the Organization Department of Shanghai is also related to the sales of 6% over the previous year penalty for Shanghai were created , more than a year at the Shanghai Serco related to sales of 4% of the fines , totaling 2.1421 million yuan .

As can be seen from the NDRC released information , the FAW - Volkswagen and Chrysler 's monopolistic behavior , are all vertical monopoly , the two companies and their distributors are varying degrees of fixed resale prices , regional sales restrictions and exclusive agency restrictions.

Hubei Province Price Bureau said , has been identified since 2012 , FAW - Volkswagen sales limited liability company under the Audi Sales Division has organized DingJie Hubei Province , Hubei region,华星汉Di , Hubei base , Hubei Orser , Oron Wuhan , Wuhan Olga , Tung Fu Xiangyang , Yichang Oron , Oron Yellowstone , Shiyan, Oron and other 10 Audi dealers to reach and implement vehicle sales and service maintenance of price monopoly agreements.To convene the dealer signed "" in Wuhan Audi limit table "", "" Central district price guarantee program "" and other forms of organization and implementation of vehicle sales reached dealers and service maintenance of price monopoly agreements ; directly issued "" strict implementation of Hubei Province in Central China Audi standard price system , ""which "" in Hubei service marketing regulations, "" the group was established norms and other forms of competition order to urge dealers to implement the FAW - Volkswagen sales price of a limited liability company management measures .

Also found that since 2013 , part of the Audi dealer in addition to participating in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, FAW - Volkswagen sales outside of a limited liability company organized the above vehicle sales and service maintenance of price monopoly agreements , but also through the signing of "" Wuhan reseller alliance Price List "" , meeting minutes and other forms, vehicle sales reached and implemented a price fixing agreement .

Similarly, Chrysler 's survey also showed that from 2012 to 2014 Chrysler car sales process, signed a distribution agreement with a distributor resale price maintenance provisions contained publish content containing commercial resale price maintenance policy ; telephone price is less than the manufacturer's suggested retail price of dealer to deduct rebates , fines and other forms of punishment , and to publish notice of all dealers ; lower or slightly higher than the actual transaction price for wholesale prices dealers, taking resources allocation freeze ( ie, temporarily postponed for some hot models to dealer delivery ) or suspend the configuration test drive cars and other measures to punish .

Another identified , Chrysler dealer in Shanghai Shanghai Yue also , Shanghai were invasive, Shanghai Serco meeting held on April 25, 2014 in the afternoon at the Shanghai Yue also corporate boardrooms , signed a "" unified standard on Chrysler , JEEP, Dodge brand vehicle maintenance and other related price negotiation memorandum , "" the dealer for city maintenance work , parts prices , do paint price and execution time were unified convention, and the implementation of agreements reached price after the meeting.

As can be seen , the different horizontal monopoly and monopolistic behavior of both parts companies before , but for the Development and Reform Commission 's investigation , the two car companies had also cut prices to deal with are : FAW - Volkswagen Audi officially announced that from August 1 initiative original spare parts down the price of domestic models , "" and vehicle spare parts price and sales price ratio"" ( hereinafter referred to as ""zero integer ratio "" ) also decreased ; Chrysler also announced a reduction in the price of some products and spare parts , 145 kinds of high high-value parts warranty rate will be lowered from 20% of the price ; while the flagship Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 prices are down 65,000 yuan , the flagship Grand Cherokee 5.7L version respect Wyatt prices down 45,000 yuan .

After the punishment reduced price , the industry official said, ""In the overall proportion of punishment , the NDRC for Chrysler and Audi, two car companies have implemented a 3% and 6% of a large proportion of the punishment , which in previous antitrust investigation punishment in the history of the relatively high proportion of penalties count , while the proportion of such punishment , but also the price corrective measures have been implemented in the Audi and Chrysler developed under the premise . ""

In addition to the vehicle and parts enterprises punishment does not hesitate addition , the National Development and Reform Commission antitrust bureau for auto insurance industry has also launched an investigation and is fine.

According to the National Development and Reform Commission antitrust bureau disclosure , is to identify the insurance industry associations in Zhejiang Province 23 provincial property insurance company negotiated a number of meetings , conventions car discount factor , and agreed uniform commercial insurance agency commission based on market share. Therefore , according to the law of the State Development and Reform Commission primarily responsible for the insurance industry associations in Zhejiang impose a fine of $ 500,000 ceiling , above the negative secondary responsibility of property insurance companies involved in commercial insurance sales at an annual fine of 1% of the total 110,198,800 yuan.

For this phenomenon, industry experts said, "" from such penalties and ramifications , the National Development and Reform Commission antitrust automotive industry is the real thing ."" An anti-monopoly Bureau of the NDRC authorities also said, ""We are determined to after a two-year effort to restore the auto market competition order . ""

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