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Tesla charging a compromise solution: take time to adapt to Chinese standards

JAMES 21st Century Network 2014-10-27 15:29:24
"July 25 , Tesla's vice president of global吴碧瑄in a narrow reception room of a hotel in
Shenzhen , in the face of controversy swirls Tesla , smiling answered the most acute
questions of the media.

of the 21st Century Business Herald reporter confirmed that Tesla adhere to independent
charging stance reversal has occurred, ".html"We have decided , after China 's standard-setting
, we will change into Chinese charging standard had not adopted because the Chinese DC
charging standards are not perfect . ".html"

Tesla change the standard , the core purpose is to allow the owner to get the convenience
of charging. Tesla built in China but only seven super charging station , from the
convenience of charging system is still distance.

Currently there are four major global electric vehicle charging standard , namely China ,
Japan, Tesla and European standards. With electric vehicles in various countries by
enabling more and more, more and more construction of charging stations , national
standards and Tesla have been face to face direct conflict.

Overseas relinquish control over standards
Musk from last year, large-scale super- charging stations to speed up construction . May
this year in North America and built a 94 charging stations , super- charging stations
this year will cover 80 percent of the US population living area , to 2015 covering the
United States 98% of populated areas ; in Europe, built 20 charging stations.

However, this mode allows Tesla almost global government forces in the game . Faced with
the overall layout of the State Grid , China Southern Power Grid , and so state-owned
enterprises , in order to snatch the Chinese market, charging , control standards, Tesla
entirely without hope ; and Tesla also saddled with public and industry ".html"alien".html" pressure.

Tesla Chinese team to finalize the logic is that , as the use of national standards , to
give up control of the charging standard . Beneficial effect produced is that Tesla owners
can borrow huge charging network established under the Chinese government forces charged ;
Tesla enhance product sales.

In other parts of the world , Tesla also gave up control of the standards. ".html"We use local
national standard in various countries will , China is only one of them .".html" Wu said , Tesla
premise implementation of this program is that after the passage of the introduction of DC
charging standard Chinese . ".html"At present, China 's DC charging standard is not perfect
physical interface is unified, but the charge of communication have to wait for some
definite parameters .".html"

However, this waiting , deputy director of the China Electricity Council Standardization
Center , Secretary-General of the energy industry, electric vehicle charging facilities
for Standardization Technical Committee LIU Yong-dong seems unreasonable. ".html"Indeed there
will be some amendments to the agreement on electricity , but not modified parameters ,
alteration of the very small. So this is not the main reason some companies do not use the
current standards .".html"

Tesla may face technical problems: First, the agreement is powered Tesla products involves
modifying internal systems , more complex ; the second is the market going to change
consumer habits . Tesla large battery capacity , charge voltage, current, charge time will
significantly increase after the change , Tesla original mileage long , short charging
time advantage to be broken.

In such a situation , the consumer is not required to purchase large-capacity batteries
for electric vehicles , it is worth discussing the . So Tesla is planning to launch a
lower priced MODEL III, battery capacity and mileage will be reduced a lot.

How Tesla treat ".html"e- car".html"
July 25 , Tesla in Shenzhen Longhua District built a super- charging stations, plus
Beijing two , three Shanghai , Hangzhou and a Tesla in China there are seven super
charging stations will be built in Guangzhou by the end of a .

Butdid not disclose the number of Tesla charging station construction in the coming years
, ".html"If Tesla fast and GB compatible charging convenience will soar geometrically , Tesla
super- charging station number will not be so important .".html"

The question is, has purchased a Tesla car owners after the standard change how charging.
If there is no corresponding solutions , Tesla owners face is the contradiction : First
charging station can only be built before the standards change , the charging convenience
will not improve over time ; the second is to find a Tesla car back , or car interior
charging standard . In this regard Tesla no detailed response options.

Although the future can not be predicted. But吴碧瑄from the technical characteristics of
Tesla 's own analysis , problem solving may be more convenient than you think . ".html" Tesla is
not in fact a mechanical -based car , but a computer- based electronic automotive systems
, many upgrades we only need to use a remote system upgrade .".html"

Wu Bixuan means possible solution is through technical processing, can be achieved in
models already compatible with the national standard use. But no matter how change
existing Tesla owners must face the DC fast charge slowed, up to a maximum capacity of 85
kWh battery battery unused portion of long-term possibility .

Tesla 's biggest selling point to attract market is innovation. Wubi Xuan believes that it
is not Tesla 's innovative car in the true sense , but ".html" electronic products .".html" ".html" For
owners of Tesla's experience , will continue to emerge, because the system upgrade will
bring a different feeling, this innovative novelty never end , and it will get better and
better ; but the traditional car driving experience , with the the mechanical aging is
getting worse . ".html"

However, an international brand of electric vehicle research and development engineers in
the 21st Century Business Herald reporter , said : ".html"We are worried about Tesla greatest is
this, the remote control system upgrade , you can upgrade at the owners do not know the
effect of the case, a direct result of driving experience completely changed , the owner
could not meet. At present , many owners are totally unacceptable for the autopilot , and
even some small innovation, but also takes a long time to convince the owners to accept ,
such as automatic braking system . ".html"

Traditional car brand for the application of new technologies is very cautious, not only
to demonstrate the degree of market acceptance , but also to hundreds of thousands of new
technologies kilometers of mileage tests. But Tesla thinking electronic products , such as
Apple cell phones to update the system , have faced much higher than the intensity of use
of mobile phones , mobile phone use harsh environments than extreme test.

In this situation , security and reliability are hard like a traditional car like
guaranteed. But Wu Bixuan raised another vantage point , the ".html"traditional vehicles to
maintenance, our car almost no maintenance , like a mobile phone upgrade on it .".html"

Tesla's security questions, not the end, 360 companies recently announced that it has
cracked Tesla's system, you can use some of the features of computer-controlled Tesla .
Wubi Xuan does not deny this : ".html"We have 360 companies had to communicate and discuss the
cooperation mechanisms Tesla internal computer system , there will be loopholes , we
welcome the help we are looking for loopholes in the organization , will work with them. ".html"

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