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2018 Auto House Network Marketing Sharing Meeting

"[Car home network marketing sharing session] In the context of the mobile Internet era, the automotive industry is also constantly accepting the influence of the mobile Internet, from outside to inside accept cross-border integration. With Internet thinking based on user experience as the core, how can distributors integrate Internet+cars to achieve efficient online marketing? How to insight the real needs of car buyers, more online sales leads?

""2a will be sponsored by the car home to share and explore the integration and insight of car dealers in the era of Internet+!
good afternoon everyone. I am Yang Qiong, the advisor to the Wuhu Railway Station. I am very grateful to everyone for taking the time to participate in the ""Car home network marketing and sharing conference in Wuhu, 2018"" event. Car House has always been a leader in many automotive platforms. It is a one-stop service platform for car consumers to look at cars, cars, and cars. Now it is China's most trusted automotive Internet service platform - Car House. The ""2018 Auto House Network Marketing Sharing Meeting in Wuhu Special"" event initiated and sponsored officially started.

First, the marketing of new consumer trends

First of all, I would like to thank all the leaders and car dealers for taking the time to participate in this sharing session at Wuhu Station. We also thank the Wuhu Distributors Association for their support for the event. All of you are my long-serving dealer partners. I would like to express my deep gratitude to all of you for the opportunity of this meeting. Because of the time, I will not introduce each and every guest present. Let us once again warmly welcome you. 's arrival

Closer to home, here's the beginning of this ""2018 Car Home Network Marketing Sharing Conference in Wuhu."" Knowing that the auto market is getting cold from 2017 to 2018 and the competition in the industry is intensifying, what are the changes in user behavior? Let us analyze the current situation of our city in terms of the local data of Wuhu, the future strategy and advantages of the car home. Car home is a one-stop automotive service platform with the upgrading of technology services as its core. The full ecological product matrix effect will bring new value upgrades. What advantages and breakthroughs will there be from exposure, clue collection and transaction conversion? With warm applause, Mr. Li Bin, the provincial and district chief of Anhui Province, took the stage and shared it.

Li Bin: Everyone from Wuhu's dealer partners, good afternoon, I am Li Bin, manager of Anhui Province, the home of the car. Today I am very honored to have this opportunity in Wuhu, a feng shui treasure land, to create an “Internet+” for the future of Internet marketing. Marketing trends and the corresponding product sharing of the car home. My sharing today is divided into three parts. First of all, let's talk to you about some changes in the entire automotive industry in the coming years, and the ways in which our car home is going to go through. Which channels will help our various franchise stores? Doing empowerment and later service upgrades. The last part is the specific application of what kind of products, after-sale pre-sale, targeted sales to help dealers improve operational efficiency.

First, let’s look at the entire market sales from 2008 to this year. I believe the sales volume of this figure has also been seen before. In the past 2017, our entire automobile market has slowed down and increased by 1.4% last year. It is estimated that by 2018 we estimate the overall increase to be 1.8%. In 2018, through the research center of the Auto House and the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, there will be some communication points in 2018. It means that the sales of the SUV may have a car (do not understand what it means). This everyone can feel it during the daily sales process. The increase in sales of SUVs is very obvious. In another market, the used car market, we can see that with the upgrading of the concept of car consumption in the entire society, the sales growth in 2016 is 1.4% in 2016, and the increase in the entire used car market is 17%.

In terms of national policies, this year, the policy of second-hand cars has gradually been relaxed. In the future, our entire increase will have great rapid development, which is bound to have a certain impact on our new car sales. At the same time, rapid changes have taken place in the entire Internet automotive industry. We can see from our traditional e-commerce platforms, clue-like platforms, our car homes, and our peers as well, have been building large platforms for their own dealers, while the used car industry can see To the market, there are also many platforms for buying and selling used cars and the potential of our post-market development. From the current point of view, there are a lot of Internet companies that are laying out in this area, which is bound to have a problem. Some e-commerce platforms are bound to be The traditional network has caused some impact.

For our users, this page actually describes the situation of the entire user. We can see that in 2018, our users will get information through some channels daily before buying automotive products. It can be seen that currently 70% of users will go through the Internet. The automotive site extracts information on our corresponding cars. We also know in our daily sales process that many users are already clear about their goals before coming. With the development of our mobile Internet, more users use mobile phones to obtain information. Our activity in this offline category is also relatively good. Relatively speaking, the trend in recent years has been relatively slow.

The key factor in the process of our customers buying a car model is that the discount rate is traditional, but we need to pay attention to two points, one is to save time, and more and more users want to shorten the user decision-making process. Effectively enjoy the services of the entire sales process, for our entire 4S shop needs to optimize the process, fast and efficient sales process. Lastly, we need to experience the feeling of online shopping. There are many platforms that can achieve online confirmation of the intention. This is a change in the purchase behavior that occurs at the user end. However, for our entire user, we need to improve more service upgrades. We have also mentioned three suggestions in this regard. From the stage of car watching, we need to pay more attention to one-stop service and more comprehensive consultations. The user can see or experience his target model, as well as some interesting interactive forms without going out. In terms of choice, it requires many comparisons, accurate recommendations, or a 24-hour online question and answer to solve user's questions in a timely manner. If there is a strong price and the threshold is lowered, it may require the assistance of some competition policies. This is the upgrade direction of the service needs of the client.

As a traditional 4S store, we may face some pressures in the face of the new law trend. The overall increase will slow down, and we will need to upgrade through the satisfaction of satisfying the entire market. We are now faced with a very fierce market competition environment. . For this problem, the car home has been committed to the development of the entire Internet industry, through our own technology, through their own efforts to help dealers to do some service upgrades to meet the challenges we face now. First of all, we will build a ""trinity"" of all-round marketing service upgrades, basically through actual service upgrades, and big data, closed-loop marketing concepts to do these things. First of all, from the perspective of service upgrade, the future will give more professional service tools, such as our financial class. For the support of new car sales, some of the marketing efficiency methods of the post-market will work in their own direction. For the entire market, product, and sales segments, the car home is based on two very important data. It is smart marketing that covers the service demands of our 4S stores at the three ends.

Sales closed-loop is one thing that the future has been hoping to complete, from our users, from the interest of the car he started to generate, to his transaction directly, the entire ecological chain of the entire car, we will go to address this complete ecology. Chain to provide, in the use of appropriate tools to do the scene of different scenes. It is mainly to respond to our goal of doing comprehensive business upgrades for several businesses, as well as responding to our market environment. We can do our best through actual overall product upgrades. Just now I have already mentioned that in this picture, everyone can see that the left column is the logic of the entire car purchase. From the user’s perception of the brand to the purchase of the user, the 4S shop faces the stage. The first is the exposure stage, the second sales stage, and the third is the stage of the transaction. For these three stages, we will gradually introduce our corresponding products and tools to help our customers The phases can effectively provide operational efficiency.

During the exposure phase, products that are currently available, such as traditional advertising, such as our upcoming live streaming products, and our now-launched smart showroom, promote AI's panoramic VR showroom products. For advertising products, I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar, basically, in fact, the automotive industry in the promotion of this type of advertising is divided into exposure, precision class and interception class. Exposure class will not say more, because we all know that I need a big exposure, I need a large size, etc. For the precise type of advertising is actually everyone is very concerned about, to tell the truth we are also very clear that the cost of each franchise store is Relatively limited, whether more accurate delivery can be achieved is actually what 4S stores want to achieve. For precise delivery, we have to say one thing, where to find the target user, and the second step to give the target user the information they want to see, but in fact it is nothing more than solving these two problems. For the home, how to effectively calculate the position of a brand, this will reach a precise advertising efficiency.

Blocking advertisements may have always been of great concern to everyone, because the fierce competition in the market has intensified, whether they can promote transactions among their own brand users, and whether they can effectively guide some customers to the store from their competitors. This is something that everyone will consider every day. For advertising, it is the focus of the future upgrade of the car home, we will do some personalized services for different brands and different product lines. The above three points are for the sorting of the entire advertising category, and we will more often comb through the depth of traditional advertising. To help customers meet different advertising needs.

Just mentioned the smart showroom. Since the launch of this product last year, we have seen some practical results through our actual use. It is actually helping us solve the problem of the dealership. It has a good experience when the user stays at home. It can also experience the experience on the mobile phone side, and there is an engine function in the interaction. We can make the gold medal sales through advanced arrangement. All-round display of products in the exhibition hall can meet the needs of users in 24 hours, and they can directly watch online. In addition, for the entire VR product, we have now implemented one-click forwarding. Everyone can use WeChat or Weibo to forward their mobile phones. For example, there is a store with 10 sales consultants. We have also calculated the corresponding cases before. A sales consultant of 10 showrooms forwards a smart showroom via WeChat. This month's clues category can also increase by 10%. This is the use of Now new needs for marketing needs to be done.

In fact, this product is relatively simple to talk about PPT, smart exhibition hall is to solve the needs of our clues collection. After the clue comes in, we need to understand the actual purchase needs of our users. And our other new product, smart marketing, is to solve the problem of follow-up after collecting clues. We have done a test before this, is the Geely brand, a user concerned about Geely's car, after he came through the smart network marketing products, the sales to see the information is concerned about the 4S car, but also concerned about the Baojun 519 car, he exists Lots of tangled places. After the direct phone passes, I did not say how good the GS was, just told him what my car's strength was relative to theirs, and it could be as simple as a job to capture the user's psychology. This is done through artificial intelligence analysis of the user's behavior trajectory.

This page shows a clue as to the simple customer's name and phone number. Now through an intelligent online marketing algorithm, you can see that every sales consultant is no longer a simple message, but a full face recognition human face portrait. First, from its information, we can see that his buying cycle, even after big data analysis of things, gives some information to sales consultants, you can see some opening remarks, or the entire invitation focus, and the final end, equal to It is not information but a complete set of information and processes.

Through this product we actually think of the problem, that is, everyone's pain point is the customer invited to shop, through this product we do some calculations, in fact, including the entire sales increase. In addition to the allocation problem, the entire user parses this piece. We now have a large number of customers reflecting that after the clue comes in, we need to spend a lot of manpower and material resources to analyze the distribution. This is also our pain point. We can effectively manage our customers. For example, this customer is a female customer, and she may use her. The car will not be entangled with this performance, how it is driven, may only need a price, need the appearance of a model, what we need for this distribution is a sentimental sales consultant to guide through some words or have emotional infections, Will allow users to finally choose our model. In addition, some customers are male customers. They are very concerned about the parameters of the entire model or some of its products. When we distribute, we have very professional sales consultants in this field to help him to answer some professional product knowledge, even how the later models Renovate upgrades, find some sales consultants to provide services to these appropriate customers, and increase sales.

In addition, in the entire transaction, we will also do some offline transactions in the future. We have done in other regions before. We have done some auto exhibitions through previous work. We have done 150 games last year. This year we plan to do offline marketing activities in Wuhu, and we will make deals directly with our offline activities. It is some efforts we will make during the closing session. In addition, just mentioned a thing called live, you can simply chat with a few words. Because live broadcast is now a very hot industry, we will know more or less. The home is our own live broadcast platform. We hope that through this kind of live broadcast, or the online of this kind of thing that each shop moves to, More netizens are invited to provide online interaction, and products will be promoted in the future. I hope that everyone can try some new and different products and apply it to the development trend of our entire mobile internet.

Through these things I just said, there may be more products, each product will be launched for an hour and two hours, and the last thing I want to talk about with you is that the future home will catch two. A very important tool, one is the application of big data, and the other is the application of artificial intelligence. To help us in the traditional sales process, we need to do some secondary empowerment. At present, it is a port that further opens our entire traffic flow and improves Our arrival rate ultimately makes us similar to offline transactions, single store or overall. The past is the era of media marketing, and now is the age of online marketing. In the future we are working hard towards an era of intelligent marketing. The above is the support and empowerment of the entire family for the current national distributors.

Well, we will go to the entire matrix, or post-market supply chain management to do this secondary empowerment, the purpose is to work together with dealer partners to increase our profit margins and our sales, so many of us have been Say home is doing it, the future 4S shop can