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New Energy Vehicle Breaks New Ground on Three Core Competencies

"As the first industry event with the theme of “technology travel”, the “Forecast/Technology Travel - GIIS 2018 Intelligent Internet Alliance Automotive Industry Innovation Summit” hosted by Yiou Auto on April 20th was held at the Grand Millennium Hotel in Beijing. At the meeting, nearly 30 guests from traditional car companies, new car builders, auto suppliers, technology companies, autonomous driving companies, power battery companies, and smart travel platforms focused on industrial policy, product change trends, car enterprise strategy, branding , supply chain innovation, investment and financing new trends and other topics, jointly explore the development direction of the automotive industry.
First Viet Nam: New Energy Vehicles Entering the Window Period Breaking New Ground on Three Core Competencies
From the development of the State Council Development and Research Center, the new special cars, cars and home, Beijing Automotive, Ying Weida, King Chi Technology, Ming Shi Capital and other industry heavyweight guests attended the summit. Among them, Xinte Automobile co-founder and CEO Xie Yue shared the cases from Xinte Automobile's practice process, and elaborated the integration and innovation development path of Xinte Automobile under the new travel pattern.

Since 2016, the transition to a travel service provider has been the most heard word in the entire industry, and this direction has almost become the full definition of the future blueprint for all major OEMs. Xinte Motors, as a company that has been relatively low-key in Internet car companies, has the unambiguous vision of “building the world's first intelligent eco-travel product innovation ecosystem service provider”. In the keynote speech of Xinte Motors Co-Founder and CEO Yue Xue, the elaboration of the new force that quickly grew up in just six months after the establishment of the car, from the corporate background to the business model and then fell to the details of electric car products the story behind.

On the day before the conference, Xinte just released the first mass production product, DEV 1, which was only eight months after the establishment of Xinte. The reason for this rapid progress is that Xinte Automobile is backed by Gui'an New District, China’s eighth national New Area, and its major shareholder, Gui An, has invested more than RMB 250 billion in total assets. According to the introduction of Viet Nam, currently the Gui'an New District is building the entire middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain. It has invested nearly 10 billion yuan, and the largest electric vehicle factory in the west covering 1,800 mu is under construction.

First Viet Nam: New Energy Vehicles Entering the Window Period Breaking New Ground on Three Core Competencies
As the “travel service provider”, the positioning of Xinte Automobile’s first product is A0, and Xie Yue introduced the reasons for entering this market. From the perspective of market sales, the current A0 market can account for the vast majority of China's new energy consumption. Secondly, in the future of shared travel and new fragmented travel service models, A0-class products can provide very large possibilities for this market.

Although behind the strength, but as an Internet car maker, Xinte Motors is still trying its best to build its own core competitiveness. It first summed it up into three levels, namely, intelligent systems, innovation and integration, and mass production capabilities.

First Viet Nam: New Energy Vehicles Entering the Window Period Breaking New Ground on Three Core Competencies
Xinte Automobile's products are equipped with an independently developed D-OS smart car networking system, and opened up a complete platform such as the car side, mobile phone side, sales side, after-sales service side, and PC side. Based on the ID of each user, the driver can drive the door with the support of the new Tegent Cloud. All dashboard data supports OTA upgrade and online customization.

At the level of innovation and integration, Xinte chose to deeply integrate with China FAW to jointly create a product. In addition, Xie Yue introduced that Xinte will also launch China's first auto bank to form a complete car payment scenario and application on the automobile side. In the view of Xianyue, mass production is the most important thing for the Internet builders, and mass production capacity far beyond the average Internet manufacturer is one of Xinte’s core competitiveness. Xinte focuses on data freeze and R&D, construction of the supply chain system, and attention to quality and quality control in order to quickly achieve mass production in a short period of time. The road that can't be completed in years.

First Viet Nam: New Energy Vehicles Entering the Window Period Breaking New Ground on Three Core Competencies

At the end of the sharing, Xian Yue introduced the sales model of Xinte Automobile and announced the results of channel construction. Xinte currently has 35 dealers and has completed the construction of the first 35 cities in eight regions. By the time of the new car announcement on the 19th, Xinte Automobile had signed nearly 40,000 orders, and Beijing’s largest electric car dealership and many domestic large-scale electric car dealers reached an agreement with Xinte Automobile. On the same day, the pre-sold 4,000 commemorative DEVs 1 were started on April 19, and yesterday the Xinte Automobile officially announced that it had sold out. The market's popularity with this compact and smart product is evident.

Xianyue finally said that the new special DEV 1 will be a very cost-effective model, will be held in September Chengdu Auto Show listing ceremony, the price will not be higher than 100,000 yuan. The company also revealed that the company is building a smart, integrated electric smart car development company with a stable and long-term attitude.