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The growth of production and sales of new energy vehicles is strong.

"The production and sales of new energy vehicles continue to grow rapidly. In April, the production and sales of new energy vehicles completed 81,000 vehicles and 82,000 vehicles, respectively, an increase of 117.7% and 138.4% over the same period of the previous year. This year, the cumulative production and sales amounted to 232,000 units and 225,000 units, up by 142.4% and 149.2% respectively year-on-year.

Industry experts said that overall, new energy vehicles have shown a strong month-on-month upward trend, reflecting the strong driving force for new energy vehicles under policy support. New energy vehicles are the product of industry, economy, and science and technology developed to a certain level. It is a revolution of the automobile industry and a change of the automobile industry. Whoever masters the commanding heights of new energy vehicles will have mastered the autonomy of the automobile industry in the future.

The automobile industry is an important pillar industry of the national economy. Policy support is an important guarantee for the development of new energy vehicles in China. At present, China has formed a complete and systematic policy system supporting the development of new energy industries. The original traditional automobile is a traditional mechanism such as an engine, a transmission, and the like. Under the foundation of the traditional automobile industry chain, the development of electric vehicles at the present stage, the transformation of traditional automobiles and electrification, and the transformation of intelligence in the future, in the overall industry Chain extension, longitudinal and lateral extensions are very large. The integration of new technologies such as artificial internet, industrial internet, big data, and artificial intelligence will also bring new room for development.
In the past few years, we have seen rapid development of new energy vehicles from “scattered days” to “hundred flowers”; from mini cars to full-scale development, we can develop everything from oil to electricity and hybrids to pure electric vehicles. From the earliest batch of battery life is only about 100km, to the cruising mileage performance of about 50km per year; from the same level of the price of the fuel vehicle is more than 2 times higher, to the price of 300km of the model is locked at 100,000 level The difference between traditional cars and traditional cars is getting less and less.

With the development of the industry, for new energy vehicles, it is not enough to stay in the stage of change of the power system, but also to pay close attention to the development of information and intelligence. It is recognized in the industry that new energy vehicles are the best carriers of smart technologies. On the basis of electrification, smart cars are also becoming new outlets.

The “Intelligent Automobile Innovation Development Strategy” issued in January this year described China’s planning prospects for the smart car industry: In 2020, the proportion of new smart car vehicles will reach 50%, and mid-to-high-class smart vehicles will be marketized and applied; in 2025, the scale of high-level smart cars will be reached. The application of ""human-vehicle-road-cloud"" achieves a high degree of synergy; in 2035, China's standard intelligent vehicles are well-known throughout the world, and all citizens share a ""safe, efficient, green, and civilized"" smart car society.

Therefore, the rapid development of new energy vehicles will become a new kinetic energy for the growth of the auto industry and will also be a new vitality for China's economic development. After all, the development of new energy vehicles is the only way for China to move from a big automobile country to a powerful automobile country, and it will also bring convenience to ordinary people.