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Wang Yunqing: state-owned joint-venture car is more addictive than 7:1 shame


9 am, poor score of 7 to 1, and is sure to make Brazilian fans sad for a while, however, the Germans will not cause the Brazilian football really any great harm, Brazilians did not have to put Hercules 0:3 Cup France had ceded it? In comparison,PublicIn China has some 11 factories, and soon some 14 factories blow to China's domestic auto brands, is fatal.

When you hearFAW-VolkswagenWhen about to build the east, north of the new production base in Qingdao and Tianjin message, I do not know of a public suffering the domestic market share continues to decline torment local car brand manufacturers, and my heart is what it's like, anyway, I sigh.Li Chao(Microblogging) Teacher microblogging indignant and said: ""16Volkswagen ChinaAssembly plant to make people ashamed. ""Focus 16 or 14, is not a problem, anyway, a Volkswagen sedan market share has almost equal to the sum of all Chinese local brands, which of course is the pride of the German people, but the Chinese people, is really a shame.

According to the latest data of the Automobile Association, the first half of this year, China's domestic brand cars accounted for 22.24% of total domestic car sales, market share dropped 5.41 percentage points over the previous year; while Ashkenazi car share is 28.47 percent, which of course is the main public .

I never think what car to buy is the freedom of consumers, so this certainly does not belong to Chinese consumers shame, but only those who belong to the competent authorities of certain addictive car joint venture owned enterprises, as well as the industry.

We have our own claims to the industrial policy of the joint venture on the vehicle is said to be strictly limited, it is said to protect fledgling domestic auto industry. However, under the guidance and protection of industrial policy, domestic car brand market share steadily decline in the first half of this year, local brand passenger car market share fell to 37.68%, representing a decrease of 3.48 percentage points over the same period last year, marking the lowest level since 2009 !

China successfully leapt to the world's largest auto market, but the market share of domestic brands is getting away from the target originally set industrial policy.

Of course you can laugh, is a local brand that you are not to blame, however, it is indeed an asymmetric competition, joint venture brands, relying on the brand, capital, technology, talent, size, market discourse, such as full advantage of local brands is indeed difficult and contend, therefore, in the early stages of development, if there is no effective policy to protect, if not do certain restrictions joint venture brands, local brands doomed streaking Kuku Qiu deposit.

The only advantage of local brands now seems to prices, however, if the public really playing the price war, who worthy fight? Now, Volkswagen brand (excludingSkoda,Audi) In the Chinese market, A-Class, monthly sales reached 150,000 scale, and the best-selling domestic brands, but also just broken million.

Shanghai VolkswagenIn China already has seven factories have been settled in the eighth factory in Changsha, Volkswagen will have four factories, with Qingdao and Tianjin base plan, the public will have 14 factories in China, annual production capacity of more than 4,000,000 layout around the truck, some of the state-owned joint venture seems really addicted (GAMC general manager Woosung language).

From the sales perspective, the country's main domestic car brand, not the FAW, SAIC, Dongfeng these large state-owned enterprises, but those starting low, less resourcesChery, Geely, Great Wall,BYDIn the four major state-owned group, the joint venture is also relatively weak Chang'an own business does best, Is it purely accidental? Or is it a necessity?

Joint venture has been 30 years, Zhao Hang, director of the Research Center of China said that China gasoline should seriously consider some of the joint venture is not even renewed, it appears that Zhao's mind is not large, and I, Li Chao belongs to the next level, both a bit alarmist, I do not know leaders are next big move. I have the smart people do not intend to sleep with them, after all, the future of local brands with me at the end, and I prepared to freshen up some, added to their warm congratulations to the public in China's automobile market rich resources monopolized business is booming ranks .