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Chrysler , Audi has confirmed existence of monopoly will soon be punished

  • Author:JAMES
  • Source:China News Network
  • Release on:2014-10-21
"Recently, some media quoted China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Executive Vice President and Secretary General Dong Yang 's words , "" the next 3-5 years , about half of its own brand will disappear ."" In fact , in recent years, with the transformation of the independent car companies have difficulties to survive on its own brand on the topic of the state not been broken , but the Dong Yang made ??the remarks coincided with China's own brand passenger car market share for 12 consecutive months decline, some more urgent . Insiders to the end even publicly assert their own brands have no way out , it will disappear after three to five years .

In this regard, the author 's attitude is neither pessimistic nor optimistic. If you really give the future direction of its own brand to be a judge , then I think there is still space for 10 years, the survival of their own brands , once break local protectionism and government subsidies that allow car prices freely mergers and acquisitions, elimination, 10 years after the largest Chinese auto companies only five survive .

The author 's judgment is not pointless . ""Own brand 10 years of living space"" is based on the State Information Center, Xu Changming, director of Information Resources Development in digital deduce Chinese passenger car market will continue to 10% of the average annual growth rate of re- growth in 10 years , coupled with the Chinese Academy of Sciences modernization thesis that China Research Center moderately developed countries around 2040 . Since the domestic market in the gap east, west , central income , the lower the per capita GDP of the province of higher own-brand market share , China is still a large consumer demand for low-end passenger cars in the process towards the medium-developed countries , gave its own brand flexible living space.

The "" 10 years after the Chinese auto companies can survive only up to 5 "" is based on the development trajectory of the global automotive manufacturers and brands big country , whenever such a country no less than 50 percent of independent car proportion and even more in some countries , while the car business around it 3-5 .

History of the United States opened the car development , the former United States more than 100 auto companies after decades of market knockout, to 1965 only GM, Ford, Chrysler Automotive Group Three , local brand cars accounted for 90% of the share. Today, the Chinese auto market?

On the one hand , China 's domestic auto industry sales concentration is not high , three quarters of 2014, passenger car sales in the domestic brands 4,293,500 cumulative market share of 33.7% from the same period last year dropped 32.7 percent . At the same time , sales in the first three quarters of the top three Chang'an Automobile, Great Wall Motors , Chery Automobile sales in the three add up to 1,566,200 , accounting for less than 30% of total passenger car sales in China brand ; the other hand, China 's domestic auto industry scattered poor situation has not changed throughout China with a production qualification of vehicle manufacturers nowadays there are more than 100, many manufacturers have annual sales of only a few thousand cars, hundreds of cars , and some even ""zero "" sales .

At the same time , the current own-brand passenger car business is also facing more city limit signs, a joint venture brand products began dropping and other practical problems .

Tough market conditions and irreversible trend of mergers and acquisitions industry , who will become 10 years later not only survived autonomous vehicle enterprise? I believe that only meet the following three conditions are independent car companies will survive.

First, the independent car prices have abundant capital and technology, good at integration of resources.

Currently, the four major state-owned joint venture Automotive Group relies on common sitting strong financial and technical reserves, but really good for the integration of resources used independently but only Dongfeng Group and SAIC . Among them, the Dongfeng Fengshen Group own brand well done ""we , the integration of global resources for our own use ,"" France shares in Dongfeng PSA tied after three shareholders trends become more obvious , such as autonomous vehicles where the DF1 platform Fengshen A30 it grew out of PSA Peugeot Citroen Group, PSA 1 platform , ""independent engine e-TECO + PSA Peugeot Citroen Group STT"" a combination of both to ensure vehicle technology high power, but also reduces fuel consumption .

Secondly , independent car companies management to be able to make decisions quickly , seek bureau long term.

Compared with foreign auto companies in the hundreds of years of experience repairer , autonomous vehicle in the traditional automotive core technically difficult to catch up with the short-term foreign brands , at this stage we still need a joint venture , but not the past that failed "" market for technology "" approach . We should learn from the Korean car companies joint venture mode , first foreign assignment or bring advanced technology is just a bargaining chip in exchange for market access ; Second, the joint venture is not linked to foreign trademarks, Chinese and foreign joint venture to develop models, and export overseas.

Hyundai , represented by South Korean auto industry has been able to insist on self-development , self- construction , independent production, independent sales development ideas , rather than as a private enterprise leaders to quickly Decision Tactics and long-term inseparable. Rage in China does not lack determination of private cars entrepreneurs, but the balance has always been biased in favor of the policy of state-owned car prices, the world's leading car companies are state-owned joint venture object almost car prices , not to mention private car prices obtained through joint venture advanced technology. State- owned joint venture car prices in the double dividend of resources and policy conditions , business leaders are bound to take up the mission of revitalizing the national auto industry , but the reality is not an independent Chinese car companies can win front against the joint venture brand .

Again , independent car companies have quality products to fight a price war , price change , the amount of change in volume .

Filed its own brand , most people will think of the past production of automotive low technical content, design is not out of imitation, and so difficult to protect the quality. Even now Chang'an Automobile, Dongfeng Fengshen , Chery Automobile and other such independent R & D investment to increase , continue to strengthen the quality of products , it is difficult consumer inherent impression , plus there are still a number of own-brand car prices continue past "" low quality ""model of development , potentially some"" black sheep "" down the overall image of the independent brands .

History of the United States automobile industry opened from the 1920s more than 100 brands and businesses , and ultimately integrated into today's "" big three"" , in addition to technological innovation, and expand the scale of outside competition in the market the most effective means is to play the "" price war . "" Currently, in the case of own-brand technology and brand inferior to foreign brands , we are what is to participate in market competition? I believe that is still the price is cost-effective, there is abundant financial resources of its own brand even if it is losing money selling cars , but also the quality of the product make up , accumulating users , training users, and then the same as the Korean automotive product line from low to high level by level development , enhance brand value in the progressive .

The author believes that in the current automotive market structure , independent car companies will develop "" strong get stronger and the weak weaker ,"" there is no strong financial and technical strength of its own brand face of increasingly brutal "" price war"" and ""quality war "" only slowly marginalized and eventually die.

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