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China's Auto Group Visits the United States: Let the World Hear the Roar of China's Automake

"14 countries and regions, more than 1200 exhibitors, 1,022 exhibiting vehicles, and 105 sets of world premiere cars... Every two years in the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition held in Beijing, after nearly 30 years of development, has become Global automakers are actively participating in international top auto shows with extensive international influence. It has become an important display platform for the Chinese and foreign automotive industry in China. It is also a window for the world to continuously refresh its understanding of the level of development of the Chinese automotive industry. An article in the German “Business Daily” on April 24 stated that Chinese automakers are charging to the top of the world.

Chinese cars go abroad

With the same evaluation, we can read between other foreign media reports. As early as March 26, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Bloomberg compared the new SUV's lead announcement for the new SUV 02 to “a well-designed 'present party' in the Chinese automotive industry with global ambitions.” Leadknight is a joint venture between Geely and Volvo. High-end car brand. The report said that this is the first time in history that a Chinese brand car will be manufactured and sold in Western Europe and its ultimate goal is to enter the U.S. market. The Chinese auto industry led by Li Shufu is full of ambitions, trying to rank among the top three global automobile industry (namely the United States, Germany and Japan), and thus become the ""fourth pole.""

Bloomberg reports that he is not fighting alone: ​​at least four Chinese automakers and three Chinese-owned start-ups (ie SF Motors, Weilai and Beiteng) plan to start in the United States from next year Selling cars. At the same time, BYD Co., which is backed by Warren Buffett, is building an electric bus in California; Baidu is working with Microsoft map service provider TomTom NV and chip giant Nvidia to develop an automated driving platform; Beijing Tucson Future Technology Co., Ltd. is in Arizona. State test autopilot cargo truck.

“They are now better positioned than ever before.” When talking about Chinese car manufacturers, Anna Mary Basden, director of automotive research at London-based BMI Research, said. ""After working with international manufacturers for such a long time, they have become more mature.""

Li Shufu once said in an exclusive interview with Bloomberg: “I hope that the world can hear the roar of Geely and other Chinese-made cars. Geely’s dream is to become a global company. To achieve this, we must go abroad.”

Collec 02 (Reuters)

Chinese car companies are not only driving the passenger car market

The growing influence of China’s auto industry on the world is not limited to letting their cars travel on the United States and Europe.

Equally important is that the Chinese are also acquiring shares in foreign parts suppliers, supplying electric vehicle batteries to the world, and investing heavily in metal resources used to produce electric vehicle batteries.

Bloomberg said that as early as ten years ago, Chinese automakers such as Geely, Chery, and BYD began to discuss how to use a series of low-cost passenger vehicles to open up the US market. There has been no progress in these efforts. As a result, the Chinese auto industry began to establish global business through acquisitions.

According to data compiled by Bloomberg, in the past five years, Chinese companies have been committed to acquiring shares in automakers and component manufacturers, and have so far announced at least $31 billion worth of overseas transactions.

One of the biggest buyers was Li Shufu, who spent nearly $13 billion to acquire shares of Daimler and truck manufacturer Volvo. As the Internet company with the largest market value in Asia, Tencent Holdings spent only about 1.8 billion U.S. dollars to acquire Tesla's 5% stake.

As the importance of software and electronics to the car has become comparable to that of the engine, China is committed to ensuring that it does not fall behind in this market. Baidu, which owns China’s largest search engine, announced the establishment of a $1.5 billion Apollo fund and will invest 100 autopilot projects over the next three years.

“We have obtained the opportunity to compete in the US autonomous driving market through these partnerships,” Li Zhenyu, vice president of Baidu’s smart driving business, said in an interview with Bloomberg. “If there are good development plans, everyone has Opportunity to win.""

Chinese companies such as Baidu and Tencent compete with Alphabetmo’s autonomous driving companies Waymo, Uber, and other automakers that develop autopilot technology. Their goal is to make large-scale use of self-driving cars by 2021.

China hopes to deploy 30 million self-driving cars in 10 years, which has spawned the emerging chip industry. Start-up companies such as Horizon Robotics will rise to create intelligent systems for self-driving cars.

The German ""Business Daily"" believes that not only in the field of fuel vehicles, but also in autopilot and electric vehicles, Chinese automakers will also occupy the future market. According to reports, Daimler announced that it will strengthen cooperation with Chinese technology company Alibaba in the field of artificial intelligence before the start of the Beijing car. Audi and Volvo will also establish a partnership with Alibaba. In 2017 alone, China sold 770,000 electric and hybrid vehicles, more than any other country.

The German ""Business Daily"" quoted Gao Feng Consultant Xie Zuyi as saying that China has promoted new directions for innovative companies that have innovative ideas and want to change the automotive industry. He said: ""China's supplier of automated driving systems is setting new standards with global ambition.""

On April 25th, visitors experienced the BYD car's simulated cab facility. (Xinhua News Agency)

The future of the automotive industry will be shaped in China

The automobile industry originated in the West, and the invention of the internal combustion engine vehicle has caused Western auto companies to occupy the leading position in the automotive industry for nearly a century. Today, the emergence of motor-generators is cutting back on their advantages.

According to Bloomberg, the Chinese government regards electric vehicles as the best opportunity to occupy a global leading position in emerging powertrain technology. This will also reduce haze and dependence on foreign oil. China is already the world’s largest auto market and surpassed the United States in 2015 to become the world’s largest electric vehicle market. Of the 174 models of electric vehicles launched at the Beijing Auto Show this week, 124 models are self-owned brand new energy vehicles. The report quoted Hu Xingdou, professor of economics at Beijing Institute of Technology, as saying: ""New energy vehicles can help China become a leader in the global automotive industry."" ""China and the rest of the world can now start from the same starting point.""

As a former executive of BMW, Beiteng CEO Bi Fukang (Carsten Brightfield) proved his confidence in the future development of the Chinese automobile industry with his own actions. He chose to come to China and start a new electric car. Brand Baiteng, realize their dreams.

In an interview with the German ""Business Daily"", he said that the entire automotive industry is currently undergoing major changes, whether in production or business models. Everything is electrified and cars become smarter. With high-speed Internet access, automatic driving will soon become possible. New companies now have the opportunity to occupy this area. Traditional businesses may be difficult to adapt to existing structures. China has exactly all the conditions. He said: “There is a huge market that is developing rapidly and there is a political environment that hopes to develop smart systems. In China, people are willing to provide venture capital as early as possible. As a German engineer who has worked for BMW for 20 years, I say so Some sad - but the future of the auto industry and autos will develop and shape in China.""

""We need 50,000 charging piles"" - it will be installed the next day. Have you come to Germany to try it? ""Bi Fukang said,"" The same is true of the battery technology: China has understood that this is a core business of the future car manufacturing, so it sponsors local battery manufacturers and tries to establish a joint venture. Bi Fukang predicted that it may not be five years later, but after 10 years, China is definitely a new automotive superpower.