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Li Yalan: The future of car design is no longer a simple piece of technology

  • Author:Jonin
  • Source:LSQ STAR
  • Release on:2018-06-07
From June 5th to June 6th, the 2018 (ninth) Global Automotive Forum was grandly held at Chongqing Yuelai International Conference Center. The theme of this forum is “Shaping the future of the industry in the era of change”. It aims to show new changes and new trends in the automotive industry over the years and in the future. Global industry elites gather to discuss the current hot issues together.
Li Yalan believes that the future of car design is no longer just a simple piece of technology and a styling design. It is from the user's point of view. It uses scene-based design methods to balance the complex functions of design thinking from inside to outside. Meet the user's needs and emotional experience.
The following is a speech record:
Li Yalan: The automobile has experienced more than one hundred years of development and is the most important vehicle in the world today. After completing the transformation of power technology, the automobile is also increasingly focusing on the research and development of automobile safety and control technology, in terms of space and comfort. It has been greatly improved, but the car is still only a step-by-step industrial machine. And now a revolutionary new revolution has arrived and the auto industry is at the center of this storm. New energy, intelligence, networking, lightweighting, and the restructuring of shared ecological chains have overturned consumers’ demands for traditional cars. They are more comfortable in riding and improving functions. In the era of big data, the aborigines Will no longer be satisfied with the shape and function of the car, but also whether the mobile personal space of the car can bring them the ultimate experience of intellectual enjoyment.
Smart technology has been seen everywhere in the Internet era and has penetrated into all kinds of electronic products in various industries, such as mobile phones, home products, and so on. Automobiles as our important means of transportation are no exception, but they are different from other products. The smart car of the future is more like a smart phone of a large scale, including all the functions of the mobile phone, but not only that, but also the mobile travel function that the mobile phone does not have. The control interface of traditional automobiles is also limited, the functions are single, the operation process is complex, and the user experience is not good. With the development of smart technologies, the interaction experience of various electronic products has been optimized, and more and more The function is applied to the on-board system. Users can not only touch the screen to control music and video, but also control the car remotely through the car key. The smart technology enables the car to get rid of the single control mode. Users can freely switch and select the most efficient control method. . The future intelligent technology not only applies to the human-computer interaction interface, but also penetrates into the interior and exterior design of the car, and becomes an emotional, mobile, and temperature smart driving cabin for car travel. The traditional car space is very limited, the function is very simple, the time that the person stays in the car will not be too long. And time in the car is waiting for the car, and the traditional way of life, shopping to go to the mall, watching movies to go to the cinema, accommodation to go to the hotel. In the future, the car will integrate these needs and completely subvert the traditional way of life. There is no time limit for people to stay in this space. They can easily shop, watch movies, or rest on the way to their destination. The efficiency of work and life is greatly enhanced. Raising is like a mobile living space. This mobile space will not only change the way people travel, but will also affect the changes in the entire lifestyle and business model.
How should the auto industry respond to such challenges? How to deal with such changes in the industry and changes in product attributes in the context of intelligence? Although we know that technology can give a lot of attributes to our cars, especially current smart technologies, the nature of automobiles as a means of moving vehicles has never changed. First of all, ah must be a mobile tool to evolve into a mobile space, a smart cabin, and its function and tool properties are weakened as the car evolves into a mobile space, but it does not mean that it has disappeared. It must be a Mobile smart device. Although cars are more and more like mobile phones, they are not mobile phones after all. If you walk on the road and play with mobile phones, you may hit the tree. If you drive while watching the phone, the consequences may be car crash.
The future of car design is no longer just a simple piece of technology and a styling design. It is to start from the user's point of view and use the scene-based design method to balance the complex functions of design thinking from inside to outside to meet the needs of users. Use demand and emotional experience. The fast-paced changes in society have changed the lives of users. Cars have been embedded in various scenes of people's lives. They may be busy with work, dealing with work matters on business trips, or being exhausted after the end of business. To fight a car in the car, this requires that the car has corresponding functional facilities to meet different needs, or they may be willing to socialize, often go out with friends and relatives, hope to be able to come to some fun, mobilize the atmosphere, seats on the road. It can be adjusted freely. This requires the car to have more entertainment configuration and become a space for carrying joy. How to understand and research users in the era of change? The key is scene-based, based on the life scenarios that the user may appear or participate in, consider themselves as the users themselves, start with the social relationships and emotional elements of the users, and truly integrate into their life roles to discover their deeper needs. Even they are not aware of the potential demand.
Only after repeated design and rehearsal through the design of the scene, can we design the products that users really need, cause emotional resonance, and products can truly become users' partners. When the auto industry stands on a new starting line, in fact, we have the same anxiety, how the auto industry should respond to the era of micro-differentiation, micro is to seek common ground, we must take the length of one hundred to learn from each other, to avoid, trial and error in order to create Out of better products, everyone's purpose is the same, close to the user, this kind of convergence will inevitably lead to micro. How are we doing worse? Technology leads to the homogenization of products, and design can make the experience different, and it is generally a brand that stands out from the outside. The product can really touch people's mind and it is a design that evokes humanity's resonance. Jobs said that only with different thinking can we always walk in front of others. We can only gain the trust of our users by identifying their own positioning and characteristics, giving full play to their design strengths, and providing users with the warmest and most intimate experience services. Therefore, design is the source of the brand's life. Only through design can we transfer the humanity's temperature to the product and impress the user with the ultimate emotional experience, thus creating a brand, thank you all.