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New Energy Vehicle Development Trends Electric Smart Lightweight Integration

"On June 5, 2018, the 2018 (ninth) Global Automotive Forum was opened. The theme of this year’s event is “The era of transformation shapes the future of the industry” and the seminar on “New Energy Vehicles: Promoting a New Round of Growth” at the Global Automotive Forum. Zhong, Su Ling, executive deputy general manager of Changan Automobile New Energy Automobile Business Department, co-founder and president of Xiaopeng Automobile, Xia Jun, Chongqing Automobile Inspection and Research Institute Co., Ltd. (National Bus Quality Supervision and Inspection Center) Deputy Chief Engineer of New Energy Vehicles Lei Hong and Wang Dijun, vice president of the BYD Passenger Car Research Institute, Chief Engineer of the Urban Passenger Vehicle Engineering and Technology Research Center of Hubei Province, and Assistant General Manager and Chief Engineer Lei Hongjun of the Yangtze River Auto Group, communicated and expressed their views on the above topics. The following is the discussion:
Su Ling: Sharing trips is the next important growth point for new energy vehicles

Su Ling pointed out that at present, the automobile industry has entered the 2.0 era, and sharing trips will be the next important growth point for new energy vehicles.

Su Ling believes that the new energy auto industry structure is being restructured and the core competitiveness of the industry is changing. ""From the perspective of the evolution of the competitive landscape, changes in the service content, changes in the industrial players, and the shift in the focus of competition, the industrial structure has undergone profound and dramatic changes.""

In Su Ling's view, grasping individual users and traveling user interfaces is the core competitiveness of the future market; creating the ultimate experience of the integration of new energy, intelligence, and networking, and creating a smart, living car is the product of the future. The core competitiveness; the ability to build an integrated value-sharing integrated industrial platform is the core competitiveness of future industries.

For Chang'an, the Changan Shangri-La Plan was released last year. By 2025, it is necessary to completely stop the fuel vehicles and realize the electrification of the full-spectrum products. In May this year, Changan Technology Co., Ltd. was established to develop the new energy division to socialize to integrate the entire new energy, intelligence, internet, and automotive service capabilities, and to integrate these contents into the development of industrial integration.

Xia Xin: ""AI capability"" is a new highland for the development of new energy vehicles

In Xia Yi’s view, AI capabilities can transform functional vehicles into smart cars. ""Injecting AI capabilities into the car, in the early stages, meant that the car could be upgraded to have autonomous driving and intelligent network connectivity.""

Referring to the independent research and development on the AI ​​Car carrier, Xia Xia said that there are four main aspects: high-performance chip + independent innovation software development, massive Chinese scene big data, AI car's ""six-dimensional"" perception and system. Safe design.

Specific to the first product of the Xiaopeng car, Xia Xie specifically mentioned the full scene automatic parking function of Xiaopeng car under AI blessing, including full scene parking space recognition, automatic parking, key voice remote control, 40cm parking distance and parking spaces. Memory and so on.

Ye Lei: Reducing the dependency on subsidies will help promote the marketization of new energy vehicles

Ye Lei pointed out that at present both the national and local governments are subsidizing new energy vehicles. The relevant data shows that as of 2017, the state financial subsidies have reached 79 billion yuan, and local subsidies have reached 50 billion yuan, a total of 129 billion yuan in subsidies.

With such a large scale of subsidies, Ye Lei believes that in the early stages of the development of new energy companies, subsidies can stimulate products, technologies, and markets. When the industry reaches a certain mature stage, companies should appropriately reduce their dependence on state financial subsidies. This can stimulate the vitality of the market, and allow truly technologically advanced, superior products, and reliable performance companies to survive. This will help promote new energy vehicles. Marketization.

Wang Hongjun: The trend of new energy buses is purely electric, lightweight and intelligent

Wang Hongjun pointed out that for new energy passenger vehicles, the pure electrification technology route will be the biggest trend in the four technical routes of gas buses, hydrogen fuel buses, hybrid buses, and pure electric buses.

At the same time, Wang Hongjun emphasized that lightweighting allows energy and power to fly together and is an important trend in the development of new energy passenger cars.

""Usually, in terms of intelligent network connection, we are all concerned about passenger cars. In fact, the application of intelligentization in the field of passenger vehicles is also very good."" Wang Hongjun said that intelligent public transportation will make traffic travel safer, more convenient, and save money. At the same time, the integrated vehicle design adopts an integrated design concept, which reduces the cost of the entire vehicle and provides a compact layout, which can improve the user experience.

Lei Hongyi: Electric vehicles will inevitably replace fuel vehicles

In Lei Hongyun's view, from rickshaws to carriages, carriages to steam cars, steam cars to diesel cars, diesel cars to internal combustion cars to electric cars, this is an inevitable trend in the development of human transport. Therefore, Lei Hongjun pointed out that in the future, electric vehicles will inevitably replace fuel vehicles.

""New energy vehicles are electric vehicles. As for half-electricity or 1/3 of electricity, or hybrids, they are moving in the direction of electricity,"" Lei Hongyi said.

Overall, the four guests agreed that electric, smart, lightweight, and integrated are the trends in the development of new energy vehicles.