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Why own brand cars "ten a fall" (Economic Focus)

2014-07-14 10:41:12

Own-brand passenger car market share ""ten even down"" a foregone conclusion.

China Association of Automobile Manufacturers July 9 released data show that June sales of own-brand passenger vehicles 566,700, a decline of 2.41%, accounting for 36.23% of total passenger car sales, market share dropped 0.28 percentage points last month, dropped 1.30 percentage points over the same period last year. As of June 2014, the market share of own-brand passenger consecutive monthly for 10 months was down state.

Own-brand market is being joint-venture brands eating

In mid-June, is located in Beijing Beichen Asian Games Village Automobile Exchange Market in Ruichen Chery 4S stores could not carry the pressure finally chose business. Moment for independent brands, from the manufacturer to the dealer, so the pressure is not the case but a common phenomenon.

From September to June last year, the market share of own-brand passenger car has not been out monthly fell whirlpool. According to statistics, nearly 10 months, the six-month decline in more than four percentage points, to June of this year, the share of own-brand passenger car sales in the total sales volume of passenger cars has been reduced to 36.32%. In the first half of this year, this proportion dropped to 37.68 percent, down 3.48 percentage points. Especially the own-brand cars in June hit a monthly record low market share since 2009.

Instead, the joint venture has dominated the overall growth of the brand passenger car market, the brand lost market share has been eating joint venture brands. According to statistics, in the first half of last year, German, Japanese, American, Korean and French brands series passenger car sales accounted for 19.4% of total passenger car sales were 14.8%, 12.1%, 9.1% and 3.2%, while In the first half of this year, the figures were 21.36%, 15.29%, 12.68%, 8.97% and 3.66%.

Tough external environment, indeed the survival of its own brand added a lot of ""foreign aggression."" With increasingly sophisticated layout and joint venture brands constantly dropping prices, the competitive advantage of its own brand products become increasingly weak.

Data show that the first half of Chang'an is the only one among the top ten car sales car prices independently, but qualifying in ninth. Car sales for the first half of Chang'an 199,400, with 700,000 -80 million level of the top ten in the first echelon of the gap is not small.

Restriction policy to allow independent brand car worse

In fact, oriented macroeconomic policies, its own brand cars ""ten even drop"" has a direct or indirect impact.

The idea that the purchase of the car is a ""joint venture brands morale up, destroy its own brand prestige"" policy. Spread automobile purchase policies, making the already dire straits independent brand car worse.

Survey shows that the purchase of the city in a car, own-brand sales, showed a general decline in the share of the state, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and three cities in the first half of the purchase of the car brand passenger car market share decline has been more than half. Dealers have fled overwhelmed the city's purchase of the phenomenon is also increasingly evident in the first half exposed.

In innovation-driven, the reform should be the driving force to create a powerful transformation of automotive power to a car atmosphere of the moment, how to build cars powers more emboldened? The industry believes that the need for long-term development is conducive to self-brand vehicles will help continue to enhance the independent innovation capability of the core automotive industry policies to ensure the quality of China's automobile industry.

Own brand of explosive is more than enough stamina

Own-brand products in the market's performance, universal and lasting power to more than a lack of explosiveness, which is one of the main reason causing the share of continuous decline. For this judgment, independent brand car enterprises responsible person does not deny.

And in the joint venture, there is always a variety of models on the market or to maintain a longer life cycle, and upgrades through facelift, with price increases, etc., play an important role in supporting the brand sales.

Public Relations Minister Tan Changan automobile brand of the macro that ""in order to extend the life cycle of the main models, making it possible for businesses to increase sales, build brand play a greater role in all aspects of the product requires technical improvements, cost control, marketing, etc. According to the characteristics of different periods have focused improvement, which is currently the independent brand car companies need to concentrate on doing homework. ""

Break the deadlock, the need to enhance the core technology

The face of ""ten even down"" the fact that the independent brand car companies are trying to break the spell.

China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Executive Vice President and Secretary General Dong Yang believes that independent brand passenger car market share ""ten even down"" exposed independent brand car enterprises comprehensive core technology less competitive status quo. Get rid of this situation, you need to own brand implementation technology breakthrough.

Wu, general manager of Dongfeng Yulon Motor Co., admitted to reporters emerging brands into the market not long ago, the brand influence is relatively weak status of Dongfeng Yulon must address. Reversing the decline in the share of the situation ultimately rely on their own, rely on technology to enhance core products to enhance product durability.

As the first half of the only independent brand car sales among the top ten, with particular emphasis on its products Changan Automobile lasting vitality. Reporters at the Public Relations Director of Brand and Changan Automobile and exchanges at Ma Po school was informed Chang is causing the market with strong products for the endurance Yat move, CS75 and other efforts to fight. Breaking the ""ten even drop the"" curse, independent car companies need to have more core technology, but also need to have a stronger ability to control costs, improve product competitiveness and comprehensive brand influence its own brand.