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Japanese corporate collective silence Guangzhou Toyota parts first price reduction

  • Source:First Financial Daily
  • Release on:2014-08-19
"Japanese corporate collective silence Guangzhou Toyota parts first price reduction

Reporter from Guangzhou Toyota responsible person was informed that the enterprise has been planned from yesterday cut some parts prices, dealers began to operate under the new price . Japanese OEMs another Honda will also be reduced from 1 September some parts prices.

In contrast, the Japanese parts companies collectively into the "" quiet period "" , yet there is no one to speak out or take action to cut prices in China .

12 parts enterprises or checked
News, which involved 12 Japanese parts companies are Tokai Rika , Bridgestone , Panasonic, Autoliv , TRW Germany Holdings , Nippon Seiki , GSElectech, Furukawa Electric, Yazaki Group , Denso Group , diamond motor and Fujikura company ; involved parts products including heater control panel , turn signal switch , wiper , power locks , dashboard instrumentation , airbags , steering wheels and seat belts. In addition to the core automotive power systems , encompassing a number of categories other spare parts . This 12 Japanese parts companies will face fines totaling more than $ 1 billion .

When told this news to China Automobile Dealers Association executive vice president Shen Jinjun confirmation, he refused to be involved in the business and a fine comment , saying the current stage to disclose any information , the National Development and Reform Commission should soon be announced specific circumstances.
As of press time yesterday, reporters , the NDRC has not yet released a list of websites and punishment method involves monopoly Japanese parts enterprises . This is from the National Development and Reform Secretary-General on the 6th Park Min Lee announced the "" Development and Reform Commission has completed its investigation of the Japanese 12 enterprises of auto parts and bearings price fixing case , and will be punished according to law ,"" the message has been in the past ten days .

Bridgestone and other Japanese parts companies official website recently nor any news about the release of antitrust or price . A Bridgestone internal staff told reporters yesterday that the company should not have cut prices recently plans currently do not receive internal tire price notification.
Compared with Japanese parts plant , part of the Japanese OEMs appear to be relatively positive . Guangzhou Toyota , Guangzhou Automobile after this田继捷Panther Land Rover , Audi, Chrysler , Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other European car companies have joined the ranks of the lower prices .

According to "" Antitrust Law "" Article 46 provides that: ""operator in violation of the provisions hereof, to reach and implement a monopoly agreement , ordered by the anti-monopoly law enforcement agencies to stop illegal acts , confiscate the illegal income , impose a one hundred year sales more than one in ten percent of the fine "" ; Article 47 states:"" operators violation of this law , abuse of market dominance , ordered by the anti-monopoly law enforcement agencies to stop illegal acts , confiscate the illegal income, impose annual sales of one percent on a fine of ten percent or less . ""

However, actively cooperate with the investigation as well as active account , they will be the opportunity to get a lighter punishment or be exempted from punishment exists. Automotive expert Zhang Zhiyong said yesterday an interview with this reporter , this does not exclude those of Japanese parts companies are privately with NDRC survey , but only temporarily without external declaration .

Japanese parts companies in Europe and had a criminal record , repeatedly touch the red line monopoly . According to media reports , last July , the EU antitrust authorities , such as the Japanese Yazaki four penalties for auto parts suppliers , which four companies formed a cartel and the alleged manipulation of prices. In February this year , the Japanese tire manufacturer Bridgestone reached an agreement with the United States Department of Justice , recognizing auto parts sales price manipulation in violation of the United States ' antitrust laws ""and agreed to pay a fine of $ 425 million , which is in the United States All car parts suppliers involved in efforts to antitrust investigation into the largest fine.

For local enterprises , "" paving the way "" ?
Zhang Zhiyong , said European and American car companies a monopoly situation is different, the Japanese monopoly mainly horizontal monopoly , with its relatively closed throughout the supply chain is closely related to the need to break this closure and opening up , the price is not the main method to solve the problem .

The industry believes that this ""horizontal monopoly"" , usually in the bidding process, through a number of enterprises , "" collusion "" to a low-cost business newspaper , other companies reported high way , take turns winning . Japanese companies usually ""hold together "" in such a way for Japanese companies seems to have become the ""norm .""

In Zhang Zhiyong view, China on Japanese parts companies in this antitrust investigation one of the aims is to try for local parts enterprises to enter the global procurement system and the rest of the factions of the Japanese ""paving ."" At present , the domestic car prices dependence on Japanese parts are still relatively high, the research company Price Waterhouse statistics show that in 2013 China's auto parts imported from Japan amounted to $ 9.58 billion , accounting for 27% of total imports. Among them, the core parts, such as transmissions , clutches , etc., are up to 45% the proportion of imports , accounting for 33% of imports brakes .

Director of Greater China, a second-tier suppliers to enter the Japanese car supply chain when it comes to interview with this reporter , compared with German , American car firms , Japanese , Korean car firms supply chain is indeed closed , but Nissan Toyota and other Japanese car firms in the internationalization progresses, gradually to non- Japanese supplier has been released, the company is a US-funded enterprises and their products into the Volvo, Volkswagen and other car prices after a long period after the current certification after it has entered the Japanese car firms supply chain. To enter the Japanese car firms in the supply chain , on the one hand to have outstanding advantages in technology , on the other hand to conduct business in Japan , breaking from the Japanese company headquarters , usually chosen by the Japanese car firms parts procurement headquarters unified procurement.