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Experts pulse new energy automotive industry

"New energy vehicles have become the choice of more and more people to purchase cars, and their industrial development has also entered a fast track. A few days ago, the Chinese Association for Science and Technology organized experts to investigate the development of new energy automobile industry and technology in Zhejiang Province, and to provide advice on the development of new energy automotive industry.
Li Jun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chairman of the China Association of Automotive Engineers, said that in recent years, the global upgrading of new energy vehicle technologies has accelerated, and the technology for complete vehicles and key components has grown rapidly, with a trend of platformization, modularization, and lightweighting. For example, the energy density of the power battery has rapidly increased, and the energy density of the mass-produced power battery has basically reached 230-260 watt-hours/kg, and the technical reserve of the 300-watt-hour/kg power battery has been completed, and the cost of the single battery has dropped significantly.
According to experts, the current electric strategy of the world's automotive industry is increasingly clear, and major countries have increasingly strengthened their electrification arrangements. Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, and other countries are even brewing a comprehensive electrification schedule. Major global automobile manufacturers have also released new development plans for new energy vehicles.
With the deepening of a new round of scientific and technological revolution, the integration of automotive technology with the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence has accelerated. While the automobile is being electrified, it also presents the trend of development of intelligence, networking, and sharing. Li Jun believes that ""smart sharing mobile travel is expected to become the future direction of development, and may reshape the ecological and competitive landscape of the automotive industry.""
In Zhejiang Province, a large number of companies such as Geely, Zhongtai, and Wanxiang have entered the field of new energy vehicles, and some Internet companies have also entered the automotive industry, driving the development of the ecological chain of the new energy automobile industry. In 2017, the total vehicle production of Zhejiang Province's new energy vehicles was approximately 82,000, accounting for 10.3% of the country's total output. The industrial chain covers key links such as new energy vehicle vehicles, power batteries and other key components, core basic materials, and charging facilities. It has also made many explorations in smart energy sharing and business models of new energy vehicles.
In Li Jun's view, fuel cells are the commanding heights of the future automobile industry technology competition. However, Zhejiang Province lags behind in the R&D and demonstration and promotion of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and it is recommended to strengthen the strategic layout of the fuel cell industry. On the one hand, it strengthened the support for R&D of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and fostered the industrial chain; on the other hand, it initiated the demonstration and promotion of fuel cell vehicles and formed regional linkages with provinces and cities such as Shanghai and Jiangsu to jointly promote the construction of hydrogen corridors and hydrogen in the Yangtze River Delta. Economic Integration.
In the wave of digital transformation of the automotive industry, automotive companies are also gradually shifting from providing automotive products to travel services. Li Jun believes that smart new energy vehicles are expected to become the basic unit of intelligent transportation and smart cities. It is recommended that Zhejiang actively promote the integration of electric vehicles, smart vehicles, and shared vehicles, and share the behavioral platform in the future with intelligence to drive Internet and big data. , cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other travel services and new industries related to passenger economy.
In 2018, the industry was defined as the ""year of kinetic energy conversion"" for the development of China's new energy vehicles. Experts said that in the future, the country’s industrial structure for vehicles and power batteries will be adjusted, which means that there will be a process of survival of the fittest, and related companies should lay out and see the direction in advance. Zhejiang's private enterprises are very active in the field of new energy vehicles. To avoid being eliminated by markets and industries, we must rely on characteristics to win in the market.