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Mercedes will finally unveil its ‘unrivaled’ electric G-Class later this month

2024-04-11 10:16:58

The G-Wagon is finally going all-electric. Mercedes-Benz is unveiling its long-awaited electric G-Class at the Beijing Motor Show later this month. Mercedes has been teasing the electric 4×4 since the concept version debuted in 2021.

Mercedes is unveiling the electric G-Class on April 24

Mercedes first revealed the G-Class EQG concept at the Munich Motor Show in September 2021. Since then, Mercedes has been previewing the concept for months.

The electric 4×4 made an appearance at CES 2024 in January. Ahead of its unveiling, CEO Ola Källenius took the electric G-Class extreme weather testing near the Arctic Circle (see the video below).

Since 1979, the Mercedes G-Class has been one of the original off-roaders. Mercedes G brand managing director Emmerich Schiller said the company “didn’t want to compromise on capabilities.”

“From the start, it was decided the electric G-Class should be at least as good as the internal-combustion-engine model both on road and off road,” Shiller explained. The concept featured a quad-motor powertrain for ultimate off-road performance.

Like BYD’s luxury Yangwang U8, launched last September in China and earlier this year in Europe, the electric G-Class can do “tank turns.”

Shiller said the quad-motor system, also used by Rivian, aims to give the electric G-Class “an unrivaled combination” of off-road performance with the on-road luxury and refinement G customers expect.

Despite the previews, Mercedes has yet to reveal the final details. Mercedes said the prototype would consume between 28.7 and 30.3 kWh per 62 miles for an efficient rating of 2 to 2.2 kWh.

With a roughly 100 kWh battery, that would suggest the electric G-Class would have around 200 to 220 miles range.

According to Autocar, the new electric G-Class will go by the G580 with EQ Technology. Shiller hinted it will feature different models with various outputs, including a flagship AMG.

Mercedes’ G brand boss said it was too early to announce the range, but the four electric motor system could benefit significantly from energy regeneration, both on and off-road.

The battery is sealed to enable wading through deep water. With an additional layer of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer compound, the casing is “designed to protect the battery at all times.” Although the final figure is not confirmed, Shiller confirmed it will weigh under 7,700 lbs (3500 kg).

Like its predecessors, the electric G-Class is built to conquer the iconic Schoeckl. Before it goes into production, the EV will complete 300 runs up and down the 3.4-mile trail to ensure it is equipped.