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New Trends in the Automotive Industry: Aiming at the Automotive Industry or Being Closer to the Smar

"In 2018, the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference held a successful conclusion. Recalling that this year’s related issues and the many proposals that delegates bring have received particular attention. Among them, the automotive industry as an important part of China's manufacturing industry, how the industry will develop, and what will change, whether it is at the General Assembly, in the industry and the whole society has become the focus of attention.

What are the new trends in the automotive industry? How will the new energy auto policy adjustment affect? When can an intelligent network car go on the road? What are the guarantees for smart networked car safety? How much will change in the automotive industry? These issues from different levels are showing that the slightest change in the automotive industry is of utmost importance and are being followed by the industry and even the whole society.

The latest policies have more determined the new requirements for the development of the automotive industry

In this year's government work report, new policies related to the automotive industry have also received special attention from the media and the general public. The ""three-year extension of the purchase tax incentives for new energy vehicles"", the ""full cancellation of the second-hand automobile restriction policy,"" and the ""downgrade of import tariffs on automobiles and some consumer goods for daily use"" and other policies have emerged. The industry and the whole society have caused a great deal of attention and much discussion. Of course, we can also find that the automobile industry will form a more open and competitive environment, and will have a profound impact on core technologies, automotive products, industrial chain, industry reform, and even further deepening supply-side reforms. .

At the same time, Miao Miao, minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, also expressed his thoughts on the automotive industry during the meeting: “At present, China’s new energy vehicles still have insufficient core technology control capabilities, inadequate use of preferential measures, and local protection issues. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will These issues will strengthen overall planning and policy convergence and work together to promote solutions.""

In the government work report, we also clearly saw the country's direction for the development of the automotive industry, which specifically mentioned the development of new energy vehicles. Regarding whether the preferential purchase policies for new energy vehicle vehicles will continue to be of concern in the past, it has been one of the most frequently mentioned issues in the industry and society for a long period of time. In this regard, the government work report also gave a very clear answer. The preferential policies for new energy vehicle purchase tax will be extended for three years. This is undoubtedly good news for companies that are undergoing changes in the supply side of the industry.

However, in the good news, we still need to pay attention to another change - ""downgrade the automobile, some daily consumer goods and other import tariffs."" For China’s auto industry, the most direct manifestation of the reduction of tariffs on imported vehicles will be direct impact on the sales of domestic auto companies. However, for the vast number of consumers, imports and imports, including automobiles, can usher in a new round of tax reduction policies and will further accelerate the improvement of consumers' living standards. First of all, we should give this policy a great certainty. For the automotive industry, considering that China is currently in the process of industrial transformation and transformation, in addition to the preferential policies given by the state, the introduction of global competition of mature and mature auto companies, such ""shock"" may not be a bad thing. In the automotive industry, the growth needs of domestic brands also need to participate in the global automotive industry development competition, and market performance is the best way to reflect.

In fact, we still have plenty of confidence in the competition. Data shows that in 2018, the output of new energy vehicles in a province in China from January to February increased by 497.1%, and lithium-ion batteries increased by 151.9%. New energy vehicles and related industries are experiencing rapid growth. The many policies given in this government work report will further clarify the development direction of the industry and put forward higher requirements for the further development of the automotive industry.

Accelerate the realization of intelligent network connected automotive products landing, Atom car brain program is closer to the final industry form

As we all know, new energy vehicles are a necessary transition stage for the development of traditional automobiles to intelligent networked vehicles. Although it is predicted that 2018 to 2020 is the time when the intelligent network-linked autos will explode centrally, problems such as the development of the basic technology and the difficulty of product realization, and how to ensure mass production demand still need to be gradually solved, and the birth of the intelligent network-linked auto can never be solved. In one go.

Regarding this situation, in the area of ​​smart grid-connected technology closely related to new energy vehicles, Wan Gang, the former Minister of Science and Technology, gave three suggestions: “First, we must pay attention to auto-driving on the performance of automotive products and automotive use. Impact, talk about driverlessness, and it should be recognized that intelligent networked vehicles are essentially the application of artificial intelligence technology to automobiles, which will revolutionize the technology and performance of automobiles. It is by no means a partial improvement, but an overall The revolutionary changes; Second, do not focus too much on the advanced automation of L3 and L4. Instead, focus more on the L1 and L2 technologies. Only the L2 intelligent braking technology can significantly reduce the probability of accidents and reduce the number of The third is to apply the technology that can be applied to the car as quickly as possible, and the automakers need not focus on the demonstration of high-level automatic driving technology, but focus on the practical and intelligent network technology. The application and promotion is particularly important, do not expect to wait for government subsidies like the electric car to promote smart network technology.""

However, before the full realization of automatic driving, how to achieve intelligent network connected cars under the existing technological capabilities is still a goal of many technology companies and auto companies. Among these, there is a clear distinction between the leading quality travel service provider, Atom Smart, and its proposed “brain-brain” scheme is different from other schemes in the industry. It realizes vehicle control, provides vehicle safety guarantees, and accelerates the amount of depot realization. There are many advantages in producing and constructing a travel service system.

According to publicly available data, the car brain program proposed by Ling Zhizhi is a technology platform that empowers traditional cars through a software-defined car approach. In the technology, the intelligent network-linked automotive cameras, radars, GPS, car dashboards, central control displays, and ADAS are integrated into a single piece of hardware, and the system is separated as needed to achieve security at the system level. In addition, the car brain also supports the access of multiple partners, in the realization of human-vehicle interaction, the car gauge interface reserved for the car brain platform to provide a variety of needs for intelligent networking vehicles possible. One of the biggest differences is the early layout of the Rover brain platform for quality travel. The dynamic car brain platform not only achieves human-vehicle interaction, but also has a very high degree of participation in future car and vehicle, vehicle and space interactions. .

It is understood that the scheme proposed by Lingzhi Zhixing had previously been one of the main choices for the development of intelligent network-linked vehicles in the automotive industry because it helped the traditional depot accelerate its ability to achieve product landing and mass production. The latest news shows that Atom Zhizhi and Irdeto, the world leader in digital security platforms, have become partners and will integrate Irdeto's new Keystone solution on the Atom platform. On the other hand, Lingzhi Zhixing and a car design engineering company named Botan Engineering are also jointly preparing for the quality travel business that will soon run down the line. At this rate, Atom Smart may be able to quickly catch up with other technology companies and achieve a curve overtaking.

Also in the expectation of Ling Zhizhi’s vision for the future, Shi Wenyong, chairman of Lingzhi Zhixing, once said, “We believe that the future smart car is a mobile smart personal space for passengers” and this vision also speaks globally. The main goals of the future development of technology companies, traditional auto companies, and China's auto industry. At the recently concluded ""2018 Automotive Technology Day Summit Forum,"" Professor Yang Diange from the Department of Automotive Engineering at Tsinghua University also made it clear: ""The car's electric, intelligent, networked and shared, this is the new quadruple car This is bringing about revolutionary changes that will not only change the automobile industry but also the mode of car travel. Changes in the mode of travel will trigger tremendous changes in the entire society. This is a technological revolution.