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The development of new energy vehicles in the post-joint venture era

2018-06-21 17:44:00
In recent years, many industries have entered a new joint venture era, also known as the post-joint venture era, the automotive industry is no exception. In the past, the joint venture emphasized the cooperation between the equity. From the technical perspective, it is more dependent on the supply of external technologies and the local organization of production in order to achieve localized sales.
Nowadays joint ventures are more localized at the R&D level, and many of the technologies originate from the home market. Products define the local market from the R&D side. This kind of joint venture has a huge difference from the previous joint venture in the automotive industry. This means that in the field of electric vehicles, foreign brands and local brands already have the same market adaptability. Faced with the same market, the advantages of joint ventures in the post-joint venture era will increase, and local brands will face greater challenges. In the new stage of development, who will become the industry leader?
Global car companies gradually make efforts to rethink
Recently, we have looked at the R&D centers and vehicle production lines of some joint venture companies, and compared with some new companies in the automotive industry, we really need to fully consider who will become the final winner of the industry.
Some companies are completely capital-entry, and they place too much emphasis on the power of capital. They only satisfy existing conditions: there are several people, one or two models, and a small regional market. However, how to form a competitive brand and a sustainable R&D system, and how to have a fully-fledged supplier system, it seems that companies are not very clear. The growth of giants will have a process. No company can become a global champion at a time. However, it must be emphasized that if excessive emphasis is placed on capital cuts, and if it is not determined to use technology for time, it will be difficult for such enterprises to become the ultimate in the post-joint venture era. Winner.
There are also some companies that are overly addicted to the past, overly obsessed with the assets that were formed in the past and the technologies owned by the internal combustion engine, and are hesitant about electrification. It is also relatively slow in the face of the electrification transition. When cart companies start to turn around, those companies that are slow to respond may not have the opportunity to become industry leaders at all.
Enterprises need to identify positioning under the change of market structure
China's market is uniquely endowed with characteristics such as large scale and multiple levels. Although many companies do not have leading edge, it does not mean there is no market. For a long period of time in the future, besides the need for high-end automotive products that satisfy individualized travel needs, there will also be a platform market in which automotive products are mainly used for operations. Such as network about car, time-sharing, etc., and have one or several large platform companies to operate. Cars operating on the platform may be more cost-effective, focusing more on miniaturization, mass production, lower prices, and fashion. Whoever provides better products for the platform market will be able to share this big cake. In the post-joint venture era, all types of companies will have their own position and corresponding market share. The important thing is to find a good market position.
Diversified markets need diversified technology routes
In the development of new energy vehicles in China, some companies use plug-in hybrid power as the main technical route. Some choose the pure-electric technology route and the longer-range technology route. Recently, fuel cells and hydrogen energy are also hotly debated. The technical route. The Chinese market is a diversified market and will inevitably require the support of multiple technological routes.
In the face of China's largest electric vehicle market in the world, the country cannot place its electric vehicle strategy in the future of a certain technology route, but rather encourage diversification. It is also necessary to properly support certain technologies or technologies based on national conditions in terms of technological level and market needs at a certain stage of development. It is not in contradiction with diversified development. While supporting a certain technical route, it does not give up on other new technologies and new areas, and gives some opportunities to increase the available space for the country. This is a strategic consideration that should be taken into account when developing large-scale industries.
New entrant brand or important competitiveness
In recent years, many new companies have emerged in the new energy automotive market. The models of these companies are beautifully designed, including prototypes. However, whether or not a good car can be built, whether it has a complete inspection and testing system, and whether it has a sophisticated automobile production management system are all issues that are worth exploring.
Dr. Wei Yide, President and CEO of BMW Brilliance, once said that if a company is born with an intelligent, digital factory, it will be able to connect its products to the Internet. From research and development, production to commercialization, seamless integration and interaction with the Internet can be a real challenge for producers. Moreover, in various aspects of production, a variety of technologies, including lightweight technologies and modular production methods, need to be applied. These are important factors that test whether a company can produce a good electric vehicle. Being able to design something is not always possible. It can't necessarily be sold well. To solve these problems, you need to rely on brand support.