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Buick Reveals Sexy Electra EV Sedan and Wagon Concepts

2024-04-29 11:06:09

Shown at the Beijing auto show, the Electra-L and Electra-LT are stunning designs but likely won't ever be sold at American dealerships.

  • Buick revealed two electric concept cars at the Beijing auto show, the Electra-L sedan and Electra-LT wagon.
  • Both feature impressive designs, with the Electra-L taking a more elegant approach while the LT skews more sporty.
  • The Electra-L is said to use a rear-mounted 342-hp electric motor good for 435 miles of range, while the LT has all-wheel drive.

While American shoppers are still awaiting Buick's first EV, which is due next year, Chinese drivers already have a trio of options: the Electra E5 and E4 crossovers and the Velite 6 wagon. Now, Buick has pulled the covers off two new eye-catching concept cars, the Electra-L sedan and Electra-LT wagon, that ride on GM's Ultium platform and likely preview future production cars for the Chinese market. We just hope Buick decides to offer them stateside too.

Sophisticated Style

The Electra-L measures 198.3 inches long with a 118.1-inch wheelbase, making it roughly the same size as a BMW 5-series. The front-end design is clearly inspired by the Wildcat EV concept, with thin headlights that hook downwards into a black trim piece. A dimpled pattern that includes tiny illuminated elements curves upwards from the low, wide grille and into the black trim.

The smooth surfacing gives the Electra-L an elegant look, accented by the turbine-style chrome wheels and tranquil purple paint job. The taillights are composed of a thin light bar stretching across the rear end, and the concept features cameras instead of traditional sideview mirrors.

A panoramic glass roof stretches over the lush cabin, which has four beautifully sculpted seats and a flowing design to the dashboard and center console. Along with the massive display that stretches behind the steering wheel, there is a hidden 7.0-inch screen that pops up above the glove box for the front passenger. The rear seats also have an integrated tea table with a built-in induction cooker, while a fragrance diffuser keeps the cabin smelling fresh.

Very few details were provided about the Electra-L's powertrain, but we know it sports an electric motor on the rear axle good for 342 horsepower. The Electra-L is said to provide a range of more than 435 miles on China's more lenient test cycle.

The Return of the Longroof Buick

The Electra-LT, meanwhile, graphs a similarly graceful design onto a wagon body with a sleek roofline but takes a sportier approach with black titanium wheels with a geometric armor-like design and yellow accents. The lower front grille is also blacked out and ditches the dimpled light design for a smoother look.

The LT packs a streamlined roof box for an extra dose of practicality. The electric wagon concept also has all-wheel drive and an air suspension that allows it to raise by around 1.5 inches. We think the Electra-L and Electra-LT look magnificent, and we're particularly enamored by the wagon. While these two EVs, especially the sedan, seem destined for production, the chances of them coming stateside seem slim given Buick's shift towards crossovers. But that won't stop us from dreaming.