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The New Situation Faced by the Development of China's New Energy Vehicles

"Wan Gang explained in detail how the new energy automotive industry will develop in the reform, grow in the open, and grow step by step in innovation. Recalling that in 2017, new energy vehicles have become a symbol of the global automotive industry transformation and upgrading. In the world’s major new energy vehicles, the so-called major countries are the 20 countries regularly tracked and counted by the World Energy Organization. In 2017, the total production volume has exceeded 1.42 million, and China’s sales volume has reached approximately 777,000 vehicles. It is said that 779,000 vehicles, the global sales of new energy vehicles suddenly 340 million, China sold more than 1.6 million, accounting for more than 50%, for energy-saving emission reduction, to make new contributions to address climate change.

In 2017, we have made new progress in the R&D and industrialization of key technology components and parts. The key technologies of power batteries have progressed rapidly, and the power battery indicators have also been steadily improved. The technology has further broken through. Among the most critical of our power electronics chips, IGBP, system integration has made significant progress, with power exceeding 3.3 kilowatts per kilogram. The corresponding power of the fuel cell also exceeds 2,000 watts per liter.

A series of related technologies have also developed rapidly. Particularly noticeable is the gradual listing of multiple brands of Netlink vehicles, which has achieved a good performance in the market. Autopilot technology has also emerged. Basically, the newly-launched cars have achieved the first step of the Internet and connected to the Internet.
The development of new energy vehicles in China has always been closely linked with the development of global new energy vehicles. It has always been integrated into the global trend of development and has played a leading role that it should play. In terms of multilateral cooperation, we held the International Conference of Clean Energy Ministers last year. More than 20 countries, equivalent to all G20 countries, have come together to discuss the transformation of clean energy. Among them, electric vehicles are an important direction. The 2030 Struggling Target Initiative was proposed, which means that by 2030, 30% of cars should be new energy vehicles, and plans for the development direction of each country should also be established. The Global Environment Facility project is moving forward with the cooperation of all countries. China is also actively involved in GEF's fuel vehicles, new energy project vehicles, and integrated application projects for global environmental projects. In bilateral cooperation, China and Germany initiated the establishment of a Sino-German electric vehicle joint center. In the direction of planning strategies and demonstrations, at the same time, the two countries' point-to-point cooperation has also undergone great changes, such as Sino-U.S. clean energy, the Sino-U.S. Clean Vehicle Alliance, cooperation for many years, and electric vehicle research centers. The fuel cell, power battery, and wheel valley drive form a 2+2 model.

Cooperation should also be implemented in production. Encourage enterprises to establish joint ventures with Chinese companies while opening up and jointly develop cars. New energy vehicles are also our common development goals. In particular, our power batteries, motors and battery materials have gradually become integrated into the world's international new energy auto parts supply network, becoming an important global supplier.

Our next step is to focus on promoting the opening and innovation of new energy vehicles. New energy vehicles are major national science and technology projects. It is itself a major measure for reform. Over the past 20 years, a series of multilateral and bilateral major scientific and technological projects have been implemented in technical research and marketing, which has accumulated rich experience in international cooperation and created a new model of cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes. China’s new energy vehicles and components have entered In dozens of countries, the products of new energy vehicles in various countries are also active in the Chinese market. They are also supported by the government and welcomed by the public. China has become an important force in the innovation and development of new energy vehicles and has played an important support and guidance. effect.
In the new situation, as people demand more and more cars and the environment, we face enormous challenges.

First, the traditional driving system is facing more stringent emission standards, reducing consumption, reducing carbon, and the requirements for transformation and development. The pressure for transformation must be transformed into the dynamics of industrial upgrading.

Second, our pure electric vehicles are now developing rapidly. However, there are still many shortcomings. We cannot fully satisfy the requirements of the automotive market. We need to continue to explore new directions and new strategies.

Third, our basic research and infrastructure construction are still not enough. The system for building operational services needs to be more complete and flexible. Therefore, we must focus on innovation, new energy vehicles, including the business model of the operation of the infrastructure market.

Fourth, in the future development of electrification and intelligence, our existing policies must be adjusted accordingly. The corresponding standards and regulations must be formulated at an accelerated pace and be more applicable to innovation and development, green civilization, and universal inclusion.

Fifth, new energy vehicles should serve as an important starting point for pollution prevention and control. This requires us to pay more attention to technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, policy systems and international cooperation.
China's new energy vehicles are in a critical period of transition from policy incubation to marketization. Power batteries and clean fuel cells are the core resources for the development of new energy vehicles. Technological progress, industrial upgrading, and sustainable development of new energy vehicles are crucial. To this end, according to the authorization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Automobile Industry Association and the China Automobile Association formally launched the self-regulation white-list evaluation of auto power batteries and clean fuel cell industries on April 26, 2018. Today, the white list management methods for automotive power batteries and clean fuel cells will be put on the website of the China Automotive Industry Association and the Innovation Alliance. Including whitelist evaluation areas, including key materials, batteries, and battery-related companies reporting on a voluntary basis, a batch of whitelists will be issued in May 2018. The purpose of issuing a white list is to promote optimality, guide all kinds of resources to high-quality resources, provide reference for vehicle resources, and provide positive effects for the government to guide the development of the industry.